The 1899 Business Model – 9 [End]

The 1899 Business Pattern might have made sense in 1899 but ceased to be of use in 1969.

Many companies have lost money, have ceased to exist, despite seeming to be successful because of it.

A large number of well known companies which have gone out of business over the past forty years can be traced to the 1899 business model.

Companies,  where although there are customers, the running of the company  is so awkward and wasteful, the business collapses.

To put it clear; only those who are physically on the floor should have the ability to make decisions about that ‘floor’.

Those  removed from that ‘floor’, sitting in their Board  meetings, should only be able to examine actions and policies ex post facto.  And done so with the comprehension that they have no idea what is going on.

Those not on the ‘floor’ must rely on those who are on the floor, or send in a fresh pair of eyes, (‘troubleshooter)  to give them a report.

In this way the ancient structure of snobbery and privilege will not interfere in the modern world.


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