Tales of a Troubleshooter – Tip 4 Example B

Daddy put Daughter in charge of the Supermarket. She did what she assumed was correct.

After a preliminary observation, I informed her that the law required every item be priced. She said something about putting prices on shelves.

Informed there was no staff member checking the prices on the shelves and that many objects were out of place, she shrugged and said that when the customer reached the cashier the mystery would be solved.

As she knew every thing, there was no reason to continue to talk. I reduced the advisory to writing.

Shortly after, various government entities came to investigate, slapped on huge fines, and the supermarket went bankrupt.

This is expected in those cases where Daddy or Sugar Daddy puts a totally incompetent person in charge of a business.

A person who has this chip which makes them believe they don’t have to take advice from anyone.

This is why you always reduce your advice to writing and keep a  copy. I advised Daddy and Daughter, in  writing, (hard copy) so that never could it be said that they were not fully advised.


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Written by jaylar