Tales of a Troubleshooter – Theives

Odette/Omar is my name for the thief.   In many businesses, whether  a hotel, an office, a restaurant, there may (term used loosely)  be someone who steals.

This is not the occasional walking out with a pen or pad or dinner mint. This is the person who will ‘raid’ the rooms and desks and supply cabinets and move with what they feel they can get away with.

What always alerts me to an Odette or Omar is the loud and belligerent way they talk.  They believe they can, by sounding certain and in control,  divert questions of their honesty.

Practised thieves often attract attention as a reverse.

How could anyone suspect a loudmouth like Odette?  Wouldn’t a thief seek to hide?  To fade into the woodwork?

Having spent years troubleshooting, my first suspect will always be the loudmouth Odette/Omar.  Will always be the obstreperous character who acts as if s/he knows everything and speaks with hard certainty.

The reason for the ‘authority’ the Odette or Omar evidences, is that stealing give them a sense of power.

This sense of being in control, of being able to dupe others is why they are so boisterous.  They think they are smarter than everyone else because they steal and get away with it.

When there is a theft in your business,  look for the Odette/Omar.   Let their boisterous behaviour be your guide.


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