Tales of a Troubleshooter – Puff Managers

Puff Managers (explanation)

The  Owner (or senior person)  who won’t give his managers the authority to manage, creates Puffs.  The Puffs will, after their first humiliation, do no more than cash their cheques.

If  an Owner is not willing to give a manager authority, then all that Owner is doing is giving a weekly gift to a title.

There  is no way I can over emphasize the destruction caused to a business when a manager has no authority.

The  employees  learn  the manager can only run his or her mouth.  They ignore the Manager,  go behind his or hers back, knowing that he or she is just a Puff.

When  the Manager goes to his Boss to fire that worker and fails, the humiliation is measurable.  If it doesn’t cause instant quitting, the attempt to manage will never be repeated.

That  manager will never do anything the Owner could overrule.    Never  attempt to discipline or argue or question.   That manager will do absolutely nothing at all whatsoever.

In  some cases, the Owner, micro-managing, needs to ‘vet’ every decision the manager makes before it is made.

Hence,  the manager, knowing s/he is a Puff makes none.

The manager will take sanctuary in the office so s/he can honestly say;   “I didn’t see when Odette came to work or when Keith left.  I was in the office going over documents.”

When  things are stolen the Puff may advise the owner;  “The computer is  missing from that section,”  or  “Three ten pound bags of rice  can’t be accounted for,” etc.

If the owner even opens his/her  mouth, the Puff Manager will say;

“You instructed me to bring these matters to your attention and not to take action.”


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