Tales of a Troubleshooter – prologue

I have ‘troubleshot’  various businesses during my life and  have come across various ‘paradigms’.

I will arrive at the venue, playing a guest or a new employee, a customer or a client to gain on the ground experience of how the business appears to the public.  How the employees of the company behave.

Over the years I have encountered various prototypes.  I give them names so I can transmit  information in code.   By using a name, for example; “Keisha is at the front desk”, or “Ezra is in the parking zone,”   I convey an image of the particular type of employee so  can advise of the problem the business is facing in regard to their staff.

There seems to be certain repetitive patterns, which is why the names have become so useful.

The ‘characteristics’ of a Keisha, and Ezra, a Marta, etc. are virtual identical, whether this is an office, a hotel, a restaurant, etc.

In subsequent articles I will elaborate on the various kinds of employees your business doesn’t want.


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