Tales of a Troubleshooter – Mobicus

I use the term; Mobicus when I enter a business which is overstaffed. This is not uncommon.

A large number of businesses are overstaffed and don’t realise it.   Some do and think they are great humanitarians for providing jobs.   Jobs with little to no work.

There’s a Top Mob and a Bottom Mob.

Some businesses have Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors, Assistant Supervisors, on and on, when it would be more efficient to have one manager, with two hands on assistants who fill in when s/he’s not there. In this way, the Manager works as do the Assistants.  If he comes in at 8 and leaves at 3 one of the Assistants fills in from 4 to closing.  One of the Assistants is there on the Manager’s Day’s off.

Some businesses have an over abundance of manual labourers as if they are running some kind of outreach program.

When the labourers have nothing to do; be these waitresses or builders, bag packers or cleaners, they start to talk, then argue, and sometimes, fight.

Boredom provokes negative responses.  The worker who has nothing to do and feel unnecessary reacts to it.

He or She feels extraneous and the job becomes more of a ‘detention’  than employment.

For a business to run optimally there should always be  ‘one less’ then needed, be it at the top or the bottom, so that everyone has to work.

No one can lounge, no one has time to exchange personalities.

When the business needs two people, one is hired, to maintain that ‘void’ so that every employee knows s/he is necessary, precious, needed.

In this way, the business runs smoothly, with everyone employed.


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