Tales of a Troubleshooter – Look There!

There  are a number of predator employees who have played his/her bosses before.  S/he enjoys being underestimated.  Enjoys being thought too stupid to construct a plot.

This menial employee  will complain about another member of staff, a customer, client or guest, so that when s/he sets up that staff member, rips off that customer, client or guest, the fact s/he  complained first makes the Boss dismiss the charge as simply retribution.

Afterall, Odette/Omar is too stupid to have figured out that if you complain about Miss Smith or Mr. Brown to the Boss in such a way that Miss Smith or Mr. Brown will learn Odette/Omar complained, the animosity would lead to counter ‘false charges’.

So  ‘to get back’ at Odette/Omar, Miss Smith or Mr. Brown will complain that something was stolen or the wrong information was given as a ‘cover up’.

When  I Troubleshoot a business,  I always look for the complaint made against Miss Smith or Mr. Brown which precedes the complaint  they make against Odette/Omar.

The Boss may think that Odette/Omar are too stupid to have figured out that if they lodge a complaint against another, that the other would then complain about them; and the complaint would be dismissed.  The Boss doesn’t believe that Odette/Omar, planning to steal from Miss Smith, or complain about Mr Brown because they are planning to come late tomorrow, and know Brown would report them.


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Written by jaylar

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