Tales of a Troubleshooter; Downsizing part 3

In  an early article I mentioned the unhelpful employees and named them Mia and Milo.   These are those who seem to slack off and can’t be found.  These are easy firings.  But they have a ‘cousin’ I name:  Mimi/Mico.  This bunch isn’t hiding, nor unhelpful,  they just take forever to do anything.

In  the office, Mimi has a huge pending tray.  You can easily see how  slow she works by putting a file in a different coloured folder into her ‘In’ tray and see how long it takes to reach the ‘Out’.

Mico   will always ‘get around’ to whatever he is asked to do.

Have  his supervisisor request him to perform a task, and see how long it takes, and what, if anything, he is doing instead of it.

Once   you get rid of the Keisha/Keiths and the Mimi/Mico you might not have  to remove anyone else and the business will proceed without the slightest pause.

This  is because when a business is large, many non-workers fall under the radar.  When things are going well, no one notices them.

When things are going badly, they should be the first your eye touches.


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