Tales of a Trouble Shooter – Tip 6 (d)

When you visit a business, you must see it from four different angles;  The management, the employees, the customer, and that person who is outside, considering whether or not to enter.

The question you ask yourself,  would I enter that premises?

Try to get inside of the mind of the potential customer/client/guest.

Very few places are monopolies or the only one of its kind for miles, (save in remote areas).

When you troubleshoot a business your investigation must take into consideration the neutral person outside, who may/not enter.

What does the outside of the premises look like?  Does it invite?

What is being ‘sold’  within?    Is it a crowd drawer or of little interest?

What are the ‘reviews’ or ‘advertisements’ of  this business?   Does it invite?  Is it ignorable?

Sometimes the change of a word or image is all it takes to catch an eye and entice customers.  Sometimes it is the position of a door or a display.   Sometimes it is the sales or the stock… whatever…

If you can get outside of the business and see it as a stranger would, you are likely to come up with brilliant ideas.


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