Tales of a Trouble Shooter – Tip 6 (b)


It is vital to see how those who work for the business feel.   Do they feel like slaves?  Do they consider the Boss from Hell?   Are they comfortable?  Overworked?

One minimum wage worker can destroy a multi-million dollar business.   This is not over reaching.

An angry worker can shut of the electricity to a section, can put a dead rat in a room,  slam a door in a face.   The list is endless.

A messenger can run up his mouth in front of clients and have them race through the door.  A cleaner can fling a mop and people are checking out minutes after in.

Find out how those who work for the company feel.  Learn if there is an ‘Odette’ on staff, and move quickly. (Odette is my generic name for a thief).

Content employees who don’t want to lose their jobs are the best, and you have to find out what is making them discontent.

There is a difference between the polite lady at the front desk who, when the client/guest is out of range, makes a face or passes a remark, then the one who makes that face and passes the remark in the presence of the client/guest.

Hence, finding out how the employees really feel about the job, the management, the clients/guests/ customers is vital.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar