Tales of a Trouble Shooter – Conclusion (1)

When you are retained as a consultant, advisor, whatever name you wish to call it, (I call it ‘troubleshooter’ ) you must enter with a mix of new and old eyes.

By new eyes, I mean you need to see and hear and experience what is going on as if it is new and fresh.

Old eyes I define as taking previous experiences with you, but only applying them when you have proof.

For example, the stealing employee I name ‘Odette’ is based an a real person who performed as I described.

When I enter a business and hear some loud mouth, making those false chuckles, casting aspersions on others, I immediately focus on her,  with the expectation that she might be stealing, that she might be creating situations where other people can be blamed.

But she might not.

Hence I keep the balance until I am sure, one way of the other.


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Written by jaylar

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