Start Trading With $10 and Use the Room Available to Grow It

Start Trading With $10 but I recommend $100

People recommend to start with $300 but I recommend to start with $100 because this account can grow to several thousands of dollars within the year. Take a look at my chart and see why I say start with $100.

The Point System

With the broker I use they give you enough leverage to trade the $100 dollars at $10 per point with the brokers (the max). So I said $10 dollars that mean you are trading a trade a 1.00. With the market trading at $10 dollars per point will the market can also take it away at minus 10 points. If you want to decrease you risk by half then trade at $5, I do not recommend doing this. The reason I recommend starting at $100 is because at this capital at a .01 starting point gives you 1,000 points to play with. Yes it will only give you $0.10 per point but start doing the math. 10 points gives you a $1, do that ten times and you get $10. Do that another 9 more times and guess what out of nowhere you will grow you account by $100. Therefore, you $100 turns to $200.

Do Not Increase Risk

You might have the urge to say that you can make the same by increasing your risk but you will not. The less room you give yourself the more you risk losing everything and trust me the market moves a lot. It took me two years and an injury to buckle down take this slow trading seriously, believe it or not the account will grow. On picture two, this is my account growing by smaller risk. I am increasing my risk after I make 150 points at each risk size. So far I have not lost since I began trading this way. Now 1,000 points of range gives you a lot of flexibility to trade more, DO NOT OVER DO IT.  Trade and ride it out until you are ready to increase you risk. What I recommend is once you make $200 dollar increase it to next level .02, make $300 increase it to .03, etc.

Note: Attached is the link to broker I use letting you start with just $10 but this only gives you 100 points of range to play with. So if you start with $10 trade one trade at a time and manage it. I will post again about the tools I have in my charts that help me with direction of the market and when to enter. Trading is risky and rewarding do it responsibly and not wasting your families money. It is very satisfying seeing you can win several times in the market.

I am not the best writer but I feel blogging will assist with that in the near future. Any question do not hesitate to ask in a comment.


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Written by Juan Benitez

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