Scale-up your taxi business online by integrating these advanced features

Billions of people around the world are using taxi services. To be more accurate, Uber alone completes over 14 million taxi orders per day. Globally, over 10 billion trips have been completed. Taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc., are known for their hassle-free rides. People find taxi rides convenient and affordable. The ease-of-use of these apps has made them more reliable to users. According to Statista, the market value of Uber stands at $72 billion in 2018. The transportation market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 17.3%. This signifies that the market is huge and has a place for multiple competitors to set foot into.

What adds to the popularity of these taxi booking apps? 

  • Offering Door to Door Taxi services: Most of these taxi booking apps offer door-to-door taxi services. This feature allows quick and efficient carpooling options. Users are allowed to pick up their friends, family on their way. This vastly benefits the users and adds to an environmental benefit as well. In simpler terms, door-to-door taxi services act like a virtual bus stand picking various customers on the way.
  • Hourly service options: People, traveling to a movie or a party, needn’t worry if they’ll get a cab back home. With hourly service options, people can enjoy their activity. This greatly benefits business employees and clients. Business people needn’t waste their time looking for a cab. The hourly service has got it all covered.
  • Congestion in public transports: Business and working professionals find it difficult to commute on a crowded train or bus. This disadvantage of public transport adds to the advantage of these taxi services. Affordable rides add to the icing on the cake. Quick and quality transportation is provided by these taxi services apps.
  • The traffic issue: Even people who own a car, rely on taxi services because of one common antagonist, the traffic. Cars are clogged on the roads and take hours to reach the destination. To prevent this, carpooling is one of the easiest and efficient ways. These taxi services surpass the traffic effectively with carpooling options leading to happy and satisfied customers.

What are the stand-apart features? 

If you are about to develop a taxi booking app, here are some stand-apart features that are worth considering. These features can come in handy even if you get a Uber clone app from an app development company.

  • In-app navigation for optimized routes: The developed app must reduce the travel time to the minimum possible. This is possible only by an in-app navigation facility. Guided by GPS, this feature enables drivers to take the optimized routes and reach the destination in the shortest time. This is a must-have feature for any taxi services app.
  • Advanced scheduling options: Scheduling can be highly important to many users. It may be quite staggering, but Uber currently operates across 85 countries and 700 cities worldwide. How come they offer seamless functioning? It is because they reduce the traffic on the site by advanced scheduling options. Users at the airport can schedule taxis well in advance to avoid undesirable conditions. Advanced scheduling involves the options of schedule or reschedule or cancel rides based on the users’ choice. This scheduling option adds to the reliability of the app.
  • Matchmaking facilities: What if a user needs to pick up his friends on his way to the office? This is made possible with the matchmaking facility. Users can select who they want to carpool the ride. This can come in handy for routine users traveling in the same direction. Moreover, this matchmaking applies to carpools, vanpools, etc. These instant matchmaking facilities can conserve time for users and help in avoiding surge prices during peak hours.

Summing up, 

Taxi services are always in need owing to an increase in the number of people availing of the services. People demand a safe and affordable ride. There are plenty of taxi booking app services available for smartphones. It is the uniqueness of the app that makes the app stand apart from the rest. The market will continue to expand exponentially. If users find your app appealing, you can be the next big thing in the market. So, integrate these standout features and stand a chance to win people’s attention and hearts.


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