Ride-hailing apps: Unique traits of app like Uber that made it successful

Demand and need for taxi hailing services

The applications like Uber were based on a unique idea of hailing taxi services from any location. This piqued interest amongst auto and taxi drivers and a huge number of drivers became part of Uber as it provided them with a regular paycheck. People started preferring uber apps over regular rides as it provides fare rates and security in travelling. Leading to a substantial demand for these applications in the market. Uber soon became the highest valued private sector in the world. The current revenue of Uber is estimated to be 11.3 billion which is almost 43% increase from the last fiscal year.

Distinguishing traits of Uber

If you are interested in developing an Uber clone app make sure to incorporate all these features. Try to incorporate the post paid option, It will be very useful in the current situation where everyone needs to reach the location in the allotted time.You can also develop a taxi app like Uber for a specific organization need as it satisfies the convenience and safety requirements.

  • GPS enabled services: The Uber app allows users to add their exact location for pickup, this reduces the time consumed by the drivers in locating the users. The GPS also enables to find the most optimum route for reaching the destination. The optimum route takes the traffic and roadblock factors into account. This feature guarantees a hassle free ride for the commuters. It allows people to share their rides, by enabling this feature shared people can track the trip.
  • Multiple drop off points: Multiple drop-off points can be added to the app as per user requirement..When opting for shared rides, users can also split the fare amongst them..Another leverage is the ‘adjust to go’ feature which re-calculates the fare as the trip extends.
  • Timed rides: Rides can be scheduled by users and a reminder will be sent at the specified time.It will be very helpful for scheduling rides for business meetings and other important events.
  • Driver related features: The people who use the app for regular rides have a preference for a particular driver. The application has features which allows users to select the driver thereby enabling user preference.When a ride is booked, users can get to know the driver through reviews and ratings which are given by other users. At the end of each trip you can give a rating to the drivers. If a driver has consecutive poor ratings, he is given a warning.
  • In app call option: With the increase in the number of cyberbullying cases people are concerned about revealing their contact numbers to strangers.The in-app call option solves this problem as it allows calls through Uber network and so the user number will not be visible to the driver.
  • Multiple payable options: The rides can be paid through credit /debit cards , paytm,BHIM, etc. This also allows users to have hassle free cancellation. Not everyone is comfortable with paying through cash, hence it will help tackle that issue.
  • Trip history & Notification: Trip history provides the list of rides taken, we can view it day wise,month wise, or even year wise.There is additional notification feature through which the trip details are sent to Whatsapp or email.

Apart from these features Uber attracts customers by providing discounts for first time users and fare deduction for users who recommend the application to others. Promo code is sent to users which fetches discounts on rides.

Another valuable feature is that it allows both drivers and passengers to cancel the ride due to valid reasons.


In the current scenario where social distancing is prevalent, the taxi hailing services are in demand as it ensures a safe mode of transport for users. The main aspects to be considered in developing a taxi clone app is its simplicity and the features which will make it easy to use.This will leave a long lasting impression upon the users and make them avail services via your  application on a regular basis. The market for taxi hailing services are on steady growth ,so an application with the appropriate features will attract customers.


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