Reasons Why Employee Appreciation Programs Matter

Appreciation conveys a multitude of emotions. It is a primary motivator that has various benefits for a workplace. Showing appreciation to the employees boosts morale and increases workplace effectiveness. Employees are the ones who do the tasks and define your business-either for better or for worse. Therefore, every company must keep their employees feeling good about their importance to the business, which in return gives them a greater sense of pride in their work and a desire for more success.

It is necessary to celebrate with employees and acknowledge their contributions for the success of the company, but what is far more significant is to build an organizational culture where employee appreciation and recognition is an on-going process. Below are some of the benefits of employee appreciation in an organization:

  • Appreciation makes employees feel connected: Every employee wants to be treated personally when they’re at work. The feeling of appreciation and recognition fulfills the basic human need. They work hard for the organization, so they want to be respected by their managers. It makes them feel valued and helps them to know that they are making a significant contribution to the company.It is necessary to give them a reason why they are appreciated and be specific with the appreciation. It allows them to continue with their achievements and makes them clear about the type of value-driven behavior they contribute.
  • Appreciation stimulates greater trust toward company: Trust in the company and the leaders is one of the critical elements of an employees’ work experience. However, it can be a complex relationship to create, particularly in the modern company landscape where an increasing number of employees are at work. Therefore, the best way for the managers to the workplace is to create trust in their workforce to show the employees that you care about their contributions and needs. Recognition makes the employees trust their boss, and it improves employee retention.
  • Appreciation increases employee happiness and satisfaction: The happiness of an employee has become an essential and growing business concern. Many companies are realizing the benefits of having not only satisfied and engaged employees but also those employees who stay happy and in a good mood. There is also a direct correlation between appreciation and happiness. According to a survey, because of recognition and appreciation employees feel happier and prouder at work, which makes them feel more satisfied with their jobs.

The company needs to do express appreciation on a timely basis. That’s why you shouldn’t wait to appreciate the great job an employee has done early.

Implementing employee appreciation programs can be a great way to increase employee productivity. A happier workplace equates to a better working environment as well as happier customers, which is always beneficial for the success of the company.


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