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Reasons To Upgrade Your Business Security System In 2019

There is a profession that involves minimum or no investment yet brings more than $1.4 billion annual profits to the ones involved.

Thinking what it could be?


I am sure most of you would be laughing right now.

But, definitely not the ones whose places were taken down by vandalism or burglaries.

According to the FBI, only one out of every 6 burglaries are cleared by any type of arrests. So, break-ins can actually be an expensive affair that can take away your mental peace.

Making security #1 concern for several businesses today. So. having a standard or conventional security system is helpful.

However, in the time of artificial intelligence, using age-old technologies will be completely useless. No benefits at all.

But, what is the need for upgrading your security system in the first place?

For the simple reason that everything is evolving around us. By using the same old technology, you are actually inviting a mishap by yourself.

As criminals or burglars love old technology. And decoding such systems is like “ A walk in the park”.

Also, unlike what most people think, upgrades are not just limited to just phones or computers. Rather, technology upgrades are a thing in security systems as well.

New models, new features, better efficacy.

I am sure you would love to install such systems. As they ensure the safety of your business. That makes you feel confident whenever you have to travel different places for expanding your horizons.

Not convincing enough?

Here are some of the top reasons that you need to upgrade your security system right away.

  • Real-time Interface

Nowadays security systems come with the real-time feature. They are designed in such a way that you will receive notifications for a number of different activities.

For instance, if you are unable to open your store by yourself. The security system will notify you about the time of opening of your store.

It will also message you regarding any power outages. Or if there is any break-in. Thus, reducing your loss to a minimum while ensuring your mental peace.

Alerts can be notified via emails, or text messages or phone calls. Plus, the real-time feature helps you to see what’s happening at a particular instant.

Just turn the cameras to your preferred angles. No blind spots, no missed chances of checking on any criminal activity at all. It’s more like switching on your favorite channel.

Yes. It’s certainly that simple a thing to do.

  • Better Controls

Imagine the convenience of checking alerts and disarming your system from the comfort of your home. No more worries. Isn’t that great?

Adjusting the lights, door locking and unlocking, and even HVAC. You have access to all the controls right in your hands.

For doing so, you can either go for apps or web portals. No more relying on cumbersome control rooms.

Easy life indeed.

  • Advanced Communication Features 

The conventional security systems use POTS telephone line. And these are connected via NID or Network Interface Device which are normally exposed outside the building.

So, in case of any problems with phone lines, it will affect your entire security system. Plus, you are actually giving criminals an advantage of disarming your system.

Upgraded security systems come with features like IP and cellular monitoring. Remember those texts on the phone as notifications that we mentioned earlier.

It’s primarily because of this feature that security systems are faster and more accurate nowadays. And these carriers are now supporting 3G, 4G and 4G-LTE platforms as well.


Wired or wireless? The choice is completely yours.

  • Reduced Insurance Premiums

Outdated security systems have higher insurance premiums. However, if you install a modern security system, you can save approximately 20% on insurance premiums.

This makes installing upgrades fairly inexpensive. Isn’t that good for you when you are running a business? Savings ensured as well.

But, that’s not all.

What Are The Benefits Of Security System For Your Business?

Vandalism or thefts are not the only reasons for installing a security system or an upgrade. It is more like protection as a whole. As security systems help with employee protection as well.

For instance, if there are issues at an employee level, you can look at the security cameras to have a clear picture of the entire situation.

Or if there is a theft in your company, security systems will help to find the actual culprit pretty fast,

No hassles, no worries.

To summarize, company owners often feel confident in their security system. But, that’s only until something goes terribly wrong.

I hope you are not waiting for such things to happen. The upgrade will only protect you and your company for any future mishaps while helping you save some money on insurance premiums.

So, invest in commercial locksmith services and make it a win-win situation for all.


What do you think?


Written by Willam Smithies

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