New Action Film Paradise Leaks After Panama Leaks


According to Panama Leaks, the movie has been released as a new action-packed movie, ICCJ, who has robbed and harassed corruption, released another secret document called ‘Paradise Today’ The names of companies are included. The largest international name in the Paradise Leaks  is the UK Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the document, Queen Elizabeth invested several million dollars in off shore companies. The international personalities in the document include American Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson, 13 US Trade Minister  Vlbar  Ross, 13 close associate of US President Donald Trump, a close associate of Canadian Prime Minister and adviser, Jordan’s former Queen Noor, NATO in Europe. Former Commander Wesley Clarke also includes, In addition, major discoveries have been made regarding big companies such as Microsoft, eBay, Facebook, Nike and Apple, while even the  offshore companies of singer Madonna and Pop Singer Bono have appeared. The Queen of Britain Elizabeth in Paradise Newspapers Regarding this, it has revealed that she invested a million dollars in working-off companies operating in the medical and consumer loan sector.

According to the document, the UK’s private estate company Duch of Linkaster invested in a fund of 2007 Mainland, which further invested in a private equity company. The company was providing poor household goods and household goods, The rate of interest was up to 99.9 percent. Apart from this, the former Queen of Jordan has also been named, which has been used as two trusters in the island called Jersey (Benifshri). Staying a NATO commander in Europe Former American general Wesley Clark was also the director of an online gaming company and is also the company’s sub-offshore companies.

At the same time, the names of Peer Founder Paul Allen and eBay founder Pierre Omeidare have also been named, and has also invested in offshore companies. The famous American singer Madonna and Pop Singer Bono also Offshore invested in companies.

In addition, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Troduo’s close associate and consultant Stephen Bronfmann also has a paradise Prize, while the current US Minister of Commerce Vlbar Rass also got financial benefits from a company working for Russian influential personalities. He invested in the Navigator Holding Company’s queen company through several companies in Mainland. The details of measures taken to raise money from world’s largest companies in the farming papers have also been listed.

According to the document, Facebook’s billions of dollars have moved from Ireland to ‘Mainland’ Island where the tax rate is zero percent. Facebook does not pay taxes on advertisements   in some countries. The company like Nike, a large company, has set up a set up in Holland through a large portion of Europe and Middle East profits. Tax did not have to pay. The profit from this region reaches around $ 8 billion. The company collected around $ 12.25 billion outside of the United States, taxing less than 2%.

The details of the world’s largest technology company have been given that the EU commission last year ordered Apple to pay $ 13 billion in Ireland’s tax. The trial is still under trial in the European Court of Justice. The Pakistani nationalists including Pakistanis have been named in the award-winning papers.

They are like this, former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, former chairman of NICL Ayaz Khan Niazi, Queen Elizabeth II, singer Madonna and Pop Singer Bono, former Queen of Jordan, former American general Wesley Clark, co-founder of Microsoft’s, Paul Allen Canadian Prime Minister Justin Troyo’s Advisor Stephen Bronfmann, US Secretary of State Tillerson, three former Canadian Prime Minister, Japan’s Prime Minister, Qatari prince Hamad bin Jassem al-Hasani, Saudi Arabia Suleiman bin Azizi.

Whether any kind of action will be taken against victims of Panama’s, because when we repeatedly see or hear anything, Then its significance ends, as we have heard of people in politics who have been suffering from severe bleeding, and we all know what we are looking for and find out those people who have found us from the bread cloth and from the house. Graduated and filled people in our society who earned money in nights and became billionaire now Rough open account of a true family is not one of the closing, While the rest of the politicians and their cadres, there are narrative stories that make fun of corruption that are still enjoying the robbery, the former narrative Mian Nawaz Sharif’s refusal to get rid of corruption is the scene and The details of where they have made goods and properties will be written tomorrow. Thank you

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