Most employees  do not quickly recognise the Boss From Hell,  just as many women do not realise they have married an abusive man.

Excuses are found which work in the early part of the relationship.   There are a few who will flee at the first hint of abuse, or suspected disrespect, but most are deceived.

When it comes to the Boss from Hell the reason it is masked is because often they pretend lofty ideals.

They spout high principles, offer some apparently humanitarian  service, or somehow make it seem that their behaviour is a commitment to something bigger than themselves.

This is why so many people find themselves working for a Boss From Hell.

It takes time to appreciate that he is simply saying what he wants his staff to hear.   That he is trying to paint himself as some great man (or woman).

Eventually, an employee with realise the true nature of the Boss.

They will feel tricked, abused, and angry.

If they can’t leave instantly, they develop coping traits.   These traits can be defined as ‘unworking’.

This is not just not working, this is deliberately retaliating for the abuse received from the Boss by performing negative acts.

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