Moving to Canada — What Immigration Options Do You Have?

Multiculturalism is bringing the world closer than ever before, and people across the world are moving from one place to another rapidly. Immigration has become an intricate part of life, and there are many different aspects of it. It is essential to be well versed in the immigration laws in case you are planning to immigrate for any reason from one place to another. There are different types of immigration as well, and it is essential to understand which applies to your situation. There are many different immigration policies, and here we are going to make you familiar with the different types of immigration which are possible.

Permanent immigration

As the name suggests, this is the type of immigration where you go to another country to settle down there. It is not always granted to all, and you would need to meet specific criteria to qualify for this kind of immigration. There are different cards and visa policies which help you get this particular immigration permission. There are several consultancies which you can rely on for getting this specific immigration service. However, it is important to match all the criteria associated with permanent immigration to get the visa granted to you. You can get to know about Toronto immigration services in details from the experts.

Fixed term employment

It addresses the individuals who are coming to work in the country for a set time limit as long as their contract asks them to. However, this is flexible, and the tenure can be increased in case the term of the contract is increased. It is the type of immigration policy that applies to people who come to the country for work and would eventually go back after their tenure of employment is done. The service is available from various consultancies, and in some instances, the situation can often be settled by the office where you are employed.

Temporary residence

It is the type of permit that you can get very easily provided you have a valid cause. Whether you come for any variety of work or to visit a friend or family here, the temporary residence immigration is suitable for all. That is where the temporary residence option is an excellent choice. You can easily rely on it and get a proper service from the right people. However, this means you have a temporary visa, and this cannot be extended as easily without any valid and emergency reasons.

It can be concluded that it can be challenging to decide which the best type of immigration plan is for you and hence the choice must be made judiciously. There are different aspects of immigration, and a professional consultancy can help you out regarding the solutions that you need. Hence seeking services to understand which immigration is applicable to you is a wise choice.


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