More Trouble Shooting Tips – 7

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When it comes to soft spots or sore spots, you have to be proactive.  You have to watch and be alert to what seems trivial.

At the supermarket, around 11 am every day, one of the clerks goes around taking lunch orders.   Nothing is more important than the lunch order to the employee.

That a cashier can stop tallying a customer’s selections to turn to select her lunch is standard.  This is because the person who takes  this low level job can not get a better one.

Be brutally honest.

People do not aspire to be a cashier in a supermarket.   The ‘best’ employees are those who are attending college and grab a part timer to pay the bills.  The average employee can’t do better.  S/he is not particularly academic or aware.

To stop entering the purchases of a customer to deal with a lunch order, leaving the customer to wait until the lunch order is made is standard.

With the ban on plastic bags, with the need to carry one’s own bag, often packing one’s own bag, enhances the ability of the customer to move that bag of coffee from one side of the counter into the bag without paying for it.


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