More Trouble Shooting Tips – 5


The term ‘unworking’ is to be distinguished from not working.   Unworkers sabotage the business.   They deliberately do things, from misfiling a document to causing structural damage to harm their employer.

it is not that they sit and clock watch or play games on the computer,  they perform actions which chase customers/clients/guests.

They can put a dead rat in a room, just before the guest enters.   They can shred a vital document.

They have a grudge and they are working it.

In restaurants they can make sure the patrons walk out and/or never come back.  In other businesses they can, by a facial expression or a way of walking make the client take business elsewhere.

It is not an accident, mistake, it is a planned method to cause loss. Being fired means nothing to the unworker.  Putting the business out is the goal.

One has to be alert to all the ‘little’ things that occur so as to identify the Unworkers.   In some cases, learning why they unwork is important, for if the problem is wide spread, firing one person will not help.


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