More Trouble Shooting Tips – 45

To give  you a solid real time ‘adventure’  I stayed at a premises which was supposed to be a non-profit ‘home’ for a specific purpose and population.  During my sojourn I exposed a number of rather peculiar situations.  

Firstly,  a totally unrelated for profit  language ‘school’ operated there, unknown to those ‘In Charge’.    The ‘Matron’  who ‘oversaw’ the ‘home’ was getting a kickback from the teacher.    

Secondly, the matron  rented out rooms secretly and pocketed the money.  

This was unknown because those who were responsible for the premises never put a pair of eyes  to see  what really went on there.

They ‘trusted’ the Matron.

The Matron, who had no real power,  but  was familiar with the incompetency of  the Board,  had, over the years, implemented pocket fillings for herself.

The only reason this changed was that a particular member of the Board was also looking for pocket fillers  and had convinced the Board that the premises needed ‘refurbishing.’

He got rid of the Matron so there would be no witness to his thefts.


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