More Trouble Shooting Tips – 28

Making Enemies

This is a common situation.

Pinch is in charge of a business.  Cord, whom he knows socially, is employed there or frequents there. Something happens. Pinch doesn’t ask Cord about it.  He virtually ignores Cord.

Cord may have information, he might want to share it.  He waits for Pinch to talk to him.  But Pinch does not.

Cord feels insulted.

Cord is silent.  He may know exactly what happened, but should he put himself to difficulty to try to find and speak to Pinch? Or should he sit back and enjoy his popcorn as the business starts to spiral down?

By showing no respect to Cord, by not even asking him a question about the business, Pinch has made an enemy.   Cord can witness the workers stealing and walk away.

Not his problem.

If anyone in a business is known to you, treat them with respect, ask them questions very early.

If you let too much time pass, the insult overpowers, and just like Cord, they will make themselves blind to the problems


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