More Trouble Shooting Tips – 14

When the Manager is not allowed to manage s/he becomes demotivated.  There is no reason to be humiliated by a Board of disinterested and distant posturers.

So why bother?

The Manager sees that the cleaner comes to work, and sleeps all day Monday.  The Manager can not discharge the cleaner.

The Manager must bring this to the Board.  Why?   Why say; “Odette is supposed to clean the place but sleeps on Monday?”

The Board will say;  “Can’t you do anything about it?”   to make it seem that the Manager has some ‘authority’ to order Odette to her feet.  But Odette, aware that the Manager can not fire her, and must go to the Board, gambles that he won’t.

He won’t because he will be humiliated.  Odette assumes, usually correctly, that  he will shrug and play another video game instead of going to the Board.

This is what happens when a business adopts the 1899 business model of Board with all the power, Managers who must answer to the Board and take direction from the Board, and all the other ‘officers’ have no autonomy.

So, collect the pay and sleep is the motto.

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