Latest Trends for Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

The cosmetic industry is considered one of the booming ones with new brands being launched every year. Customers have so many choices of products and price range for makeup items and skincare products. This has indeed made quite struggling for cosmetic businesses, especially the newbie ones to compete for market share and customer acquisition. Product packaging is a factor that plays a significant role in influencing the buying decision of shoppers. For cosmetics, it is definitely one of the vital elements that count for a brand and product’s impression. An attractively designed packaging captivates the customers and compels them into checking a cosmetic product out.  Following the latest trends and developments of cosmetic box packaging is likely to make your makeup collection an instant hit.

Themed Cosmetic Packaging Box Design 

Makeup brands that have interesting and unique themes for their skincare and makeup products are being commended by the buyers. So come up with an entrancing theme idea for your cosmetic boxes. You can use an era’s theme if your makeup items have lip colors, eye-shadow pallets and other items that can create the seventies or eighties look. Get inspiration from a movie or something worth noticing. Themed makeup boxes would grab the attention of customers and they will be inclined into knowing about your offers.

Easy to Carry Custom Cosmetic Boxes 

With fashion bloggers and YouTubers, everyone needs a makeup box on the go. The tutorials are avidly followed by countless makeup junkies. So offering cosmetic packaging that can be carried easily within a handbag would be preferred by customers. Choose an easy to handle style for your lip color, eye-shadow pallets, mascara, lip gloss, bronzer, and other items. Ask your printer if you can have compartments inside the packaging box to further facilitate your buyers. This would also protect eye-shadows, blush and other breakable makeup items safe from crumbling inside the bag or on the dressing table.

Interactive Custom Cosmetic Packaging 

Pictorial details on your cosmetic box are likely to add appeal to them. You can have a picture of a celebrity or a model wearing your makeup printed on the packaging. This will pique the interest of more customers in your products and they can have a fair idea about what kind of products you are offering. For makeup sets like an eye-shadow, lip color and bronzer one, interactive packaging is really important as most of these collections have no tester products. Try offering details through your packaging either with pictures or text, using both would be better.

Packaging that is Hard to throw Away 

Sephora and other brands are offering leather pouches for their makeup pallets. There is a protective cover on the leather cases. Such packaging with a brand’s logo on it is likely to get stored with the product. This will make a customer remember a brand’s name and come back to it for more.

You can come up with a packaging layout that a customer would want to keep with a makeup item. Involve your printer in the design process. Make sure that the printing material you choose for your cosmetic boxes wholesale is enduring enough to protect the products from heat and shock.

Opt for a smart packaging box style as it will retain the interest of your customers in your brand.


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