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Jobs of the Future: Skills You Need Now for 2030

By 2035, research estimates that we will lose millions jobs because of automation. This means, of course, that these future jobs will be entirely different from the jobs you’re familiar with now. By the time you graduate college, jobs will have already evolved. They say that these future jobs will require creativity and knowledge. As machines will do most of the work, people will be free to explore more and experiment, finally investing 100% on finding solutions to complex problems, such as pollution or climate change.

The Future Skills

As with earthquakes, no one can accurately predict how jobs will look like in the future, but here are several skills that experts deem necessary for your future endeavors:

  • Mental Flexibility and Problem Solving

Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is a complete and opposite reaction. This is true for the future; as we advance as a race, our problems advance with us. In order to solve these, mental elasticity or the ability to think outside the box is essential.

  • Critical Thinking

Even though things make it look like technology is completely reliable, we human beings forget why these things exist in the first place: our brains. There are jobs that cannot be automated, such as the ability to analyze situations, determining solutions, and making decisions on the whim using logic and reasoning.

  • Creativity

As long as you remain at your most creative, robots won’t be able to steal your job. While robots are better at calculating, you have a machine that can never be replicated, one that is able to create original content and come up with abstract ideas.

  • People Skills

It’s inevitable that machines will take over, but what they will never have is the ability to empathize. Managing work and people will still be on us, as we’re human beings with emotions.

  • STEM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics)

This field is currently in demand, but it probably won’t stay as strong in the future. You need to hone your STEM skills to keep up, especially in the aspect of coding.

The Future Jobs

These jobs are based on current trends and situations, and they do not necessarily exist now. With the way things are going, however, you need to watch out for these!

  • Trash Engineer

It may not have the best of titles, but it’s by far, one of the most important jobs. It also sounds quite odd, but keep in mind that at the moment, humans produce over 2.6 billion pounds of waste yearly. What do we do those? Throw them in landfills to rot. Our current practices are not sustainable, so we’re pressured to think of something else to do with all these garbage. This can be how the Trash Engineer comes to play, a role specific to solving the planet’s waste problems. Perhaps you can reuse garbage to make infrastructures, or turn it into clean gas. The possibilities are endless, and truly, because of these trash engineers, we shall finally find treasure in our rubbish. Skills needed are a strong set of STEM skills, some critical thinking, and of course, mental flexibility.

  • Alternative Energy Consultant

Once gone, fossil fuel will remain gone, and we cannot rely solely on it anymore. The lookout for alternative sources ensues, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy. However, how do people know which one is best to use for their communities or cities? This is where the role of an Alternative Energy Consultant is needed. Being in the role means you are the expert in all matters on energy, travelling from city to city internationally. You will assess the best kind of renewable energy fit for each place. For this role, you need a strong STEM background, mental flexibility, and of course, people skills.

  • Earthquake Forecaster

An Earthquake forecaster is someone tasked with accurately mapping the Earth’s core to figure out where and how earthquakes will strike. To qualify, you will need to have the ability to solve complex problem skills, strong STEM background, as well as critical thinking.

  • Medical Mentor

Chances are machines and robots will take over the medical field, diagnosing patients and even doing surgery. Because of this, Medical Mentors will be needed. You’ll be in charge of the aftercare of the patients, checking in on them and making sure that they’re following medical prescriptions as instructed. You shall be a nutritionist, counsellor, therapist, and a friend all in one role. A strong STEM background is once again needed, along with people skills, and critical thinking.

  • Organ/Body Part Creator

Organs for transplant is at a high demand, but with little supply. It is estimated that in every 12 minutes, a new name is added to the ever-growing waitlist. Perhaps in the future, this role will be important, as creating organs and other body parts will already be possible through stem cells. Of course creativity is needed, along with mental flexibility, critical thinking, and a background on STEM.

  • Memory Surgeon

It seems far-fetched, but it is the future after all, and anything is possible. There may finally be a way to remove negative memories, mental illnesses, and even destructive behavior. Possible? Perhaps, but you will need creativity with mental flexibility, critical thinking, and a strong background on STEM.

  • Personal Productivity Person

Keeping up with the automated workforce can be tricky, especially with things hindering us now from being as efficient as we can be. Social media is the main culprit, and as technology continues to evolve, so will our distractions. To address this, a Personal Productivity Person is needed. This role will allow you to analyze people’s daily lives and teach them how to deal with distractions, helping them work better and smarter. For now, you may be begging for “help with my thesis , but in the future, you’re going to have to work harder! Skills needed for this role are people skills, creativity, and mental flexibility.

  • Personal Internet of Things (IoT)/ Security Repair Person

When something breaks around the house, we call for repairmen. When a pipe bursts, we call for plumbers. What happens, though, when your touchscreen fridge won’t work anymore, or your automated lights refuse to recognize your voice? A Personal IoT/ Security Repair Person will best for the job! In this role, you’ll be in charge of protecting systems from hackers before causing any damage, as well as fixing damages. To succeed in this role, people skills are needed, along with STEM, critical thinking, problem solving, and of course, mental flexibility.

  • Flight Instructor

Flight instructors already exist, but in this case, the future will need human flight instructors. People will finally be able to fly even just short distances, and cars will basically cease to exist. This role requires STEM, people skills, problem solving, and creativity.

  • Commercial Space Pilot

Space exploration can become a reality, but who will fly us around? How do we get from the moon and back? Commercial Space Pilots, of course! This may sound like a tough job, especially with all the asteroids you have to watch out for, but one way or another, people need to see beyond the world! For this skills on STEM, critical thinking and problem solving, people skills, creativity,  and mental flexibility are required.

It’s inevitable that plenty of the jobs that exist now will be automated in ten years and while that may seem daunting, you should be excited rather than afraid. There are endless of possibilities, and not just the jobs on this list! You can even make your own dream list of potential future careers.


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