Instagram for Business: A Definitive Guide for Marketers

When it comes to social media marketing of your business, the largest and the most effective weapon that you can have in your arsenal is Instagram. In case you are thinking why to utilize Instagram as your marketing tool, it is currently positioned among the top social media channels with more than 800 million active users. While this number keeps on growing with each second, the multitude of features on the platform ensures more than 80 million posts getting shared each day. These stats make it pretty evident that if you are looking for a quick success in your social media marketing campaign; look no further than Instagram, as it facilitates you with a wide range of services.

Here is a guide that will help you in crafting your Instagram marketing strategies for promoting your brand and its offerings effectively:

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

When it comes to exposure, the first thing that you need to be concerned about is the profile you are handling on Instagram. In fact, it would be great to start working on your profile and making it the benchmark for your marketing campaign. When it comes to optimizing your Instagram profile, here are some of the things that you need to consider:

Your Username and Bio

In order to ensure seamless discoverability, make sure that your handle on Instagram matches well with the various usernames you have on other social media platforms. Apart from your username, the only other data that surfaces on your social media profile is your website along with a short description or bio highlighting some brief details about you and your brand. With your Instagram bio section, you can inform the audience regarding who you are and what expectation they can have from you. Another way to optimize your profile bio is by incorporating some branded hashtags that will encourage your followers to use. You can also take help of other social media channels like Facebook where you have already set up a profile and gained Facebook likes.

Profile Image

An ideal way to optimize your profile photo on Instagram is through uploading your company logo. Make sure that your profile photo on Instagram is as similar as to the other profile images you have on different social media platforms. This will lead to cross-platform engagement and viewers will be more likely to recognize your brand on Instagram, bringing you more user engagement.

Lay Down Your Business Objectives

While optimizing your Instagram marketing campaign for your business, make sure that you are clear about your business objectives. In fact, everything that you do on Instagram, from organic post sharing to engaging with the audience, it should be driven by your objectives and marketing goals. Some of the common business goals that most of the brands marketing on Instagram set include improving customer satisfaction, driving traffic to the website, increasing product sales, increasing brand awareness, working with the influencers of the industry and finding new content generated by the users.

Attuning an Effective Content Strategy

When it comes to promoting your business on Instagram, your content marketing strategy needs to be more specific than of an average user. After all, you cannot expect to post random images for a week and engage a huge number of audiences that will be a part of building your user community on the platform. Having a delicate content marketing strategy is important which should primarily cover these major aspects:

Scheduling the Posts

Working on a schedule for your Instagram posts is extremely crucial. Neither would you like losing out on the interest of your audience with a low number of posts or bombarding their home feed with a high frequency of posts. The smartest way to schedule your posts is to create different time intervals for a few days and test them with your content in order to find out which time has the best cadence and the ability to grab the best engagement rate. After that, create a content calendar for scheduling your post accordingly in order to never miss out on an opportunity to meet the needs of your audience.

Content Theme

Another way of keeping your audience captivated by your Instagram posts is by incorporating different content themes. Not only this will help you in keeping your targeted audience engaged, but it will also provide you with the flexibility of working on new topics, covering the best visuals for better user engagement.

Focus on Branding via Instagram Features

It goes without saying that Instagram is a social media channel that is highly popular for its visual-only nature; the platform brilliantly offers an opportunity to forge a cohesive and recognizable identity for your brand. Take a look at these steps through which you can build your brand identity on Instagram:

Maintaining the Visual Consistency

This has mostly to do with the post-processing prospect while sharing your visual on the platform. By using a similar filter for each post of yours on Instagram, you will able to maintain a consistency among your content, allowing the audience to identify your brand and profile in a much convenient manner.

Pick Your Subject Matter

In terms of visual marketing, it is important to be determined of the fact on which your posts will be emphasizing on. The subject for your content on Instagram entirely depends on the niche and offerings that your brand confers. However, focusing on user-generated content is also a great way to promote your brand keeping your audience in the driving seat.

Accouter a Branded Hashtag

In addition to the content subject and filters, another way through which you can assure the success of your content optimization on Instagram is through the application of branded hashtags. For this, you will need to create a hashtag just like your keyword using your brand and other offerings in focus. Make sure that the hashtag you create is quirky enough to appeal your followers for incorporating the same in their posts.


Follow this guide comprising the best practices for promoting your brand on Instagram in a much successful manner. Make sure your campaign is attention-grabbing and your Instagram profile is the leading social vehicle for your online business.


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