Increase The Value of Bath Bombs With Eco-Friendly Packaging

People in United States use numerous kind of bathing essentials and one of them is bath bomb. They are also called bath fizzes that dissolve in water and give a wonderful and luxurious feel during bathing. They have a spherical shape just like a ball and are packed individually as well as in larger quantities in different types of boxes. The demand of bath bombs are increasing day by day in United States and the number of manufacturers for bath bombs are also increasing with pace. In this competitive market the manufacturers who sell home-made bath bombs have to choose a better packaging to compete with their competitors.

In order to make the bath fizzes look unique, bath bomb boxes must be attractive, unique and made on demand. The packaging boxes that are specially made in a specified dimension and demand are called custom boxes. These boxes are far better than premade boxes because they promote the brand and also have the right size for the packaging of intended number of packaging. In customization the choice of material is always available and the most industry demanding material should be recyclable and eco-friendly. This means that eco-friendly bath bomb packaging is the best option while creating boxes for fizzes.

Best way to make ecofriendly bath bomb packaging

Thinking of eco-friendly boxes, the first material that comes into mind is Kraft. It is the natural material that doesn’t go any processing like cardboard and rigid which are used for making packaging boxes. Kraft has a natural brown color and the boxes made from this material are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The advantage of having eco-friendly bath bomb packaging is that it doesn’t harm the environment and do not add to problems faced due to land waste. The natural phenomenon of Kraft to be biodegrade natural makes it eco-friendly. Every industry in United States that needs packaging boxes for their product prefers to use eco-friendly material for their products. This helps them in building customer trust and to promote the environmental friendly material with their business.

Design creatively by customizing bath bomb boxes

If you want to enhance the appeal of your bath bomb packagingthe design of the boxes must be unique and attractive. There are plenty of design choices you get in customization, from shapes, styles and printing pattern you can select all according to your choice. The shape of the bath bomb boxes must be accommodating to carry the desired number of bath bombs you want to pack.

The boxes have partitions inside the boxes that separated each bathing ball from other and make it easy to pick from the box. Also, the inserts in the boxes gives a staggering unboxing experience to the customers. These inserts can be made from Kraft cardboard or from corrugated fluted material. Both have different strengths and benefits. If the box is used for shipping bath bomb, then corrugated inserts are preferred whereas for display boxes, Kraft cardboard inserts are used.

Custom printed bath bomb boxes

In every bath and body store, products of different companies and brands are displayed and customers have to make the choice by looking at the packaging. More stylish and protective the packaging will be, it can influence the buying decision and can change it to the favor of your product if the packaging is unique and eye-catching. Custom printed bath bomb boxes provides the platform to make the boxes catchy and worth to look at. Bright color schemes, images of the bath bombs and vibrant graphics can easily make your bath bomb boxes enticing for customer. In addition, die cut window can and finishing add-ons can also be added on the boxes to set apart your bath bombs on display. You can also make gift packaging with custom printed boxes as the printing designs and color transform an ordinary box into a special folding carton.

Shipping in eco-friendly bath bomb packaging

Manufacturers deliver their bath bomb to retailers in the neighboring states and need secure boxes for shipping. The bath bomb packaging boxes have the capability to provide protection to the bathing balls during shipping and transit. The Kraft corrugated used in the making of boxes have flutes of multiple thickness that provide the required strength to the box. This enables the boxes to withstand the weight of bath bombs during shipping to long distance. The design of the boxes must also be protective enough to restrict the movement of the bath bombs and prevent them rolling out of the box. Hence the eco-friendly boxes for bath bombs can provide all round advantages that ordinary boxes can never give.


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