How to prepare for an exploratory interview

Exploratory interviews are very special in the sense that it is under the initiative of the applicant that these interviews are conducted rather than the employer. The applicant sets up the interview to screen that company as a potential place to work.

Exploratory interviews are ideally meant to find a position even though nothing may be open at the time of the interview. People who want to find out about a new field or a career, call potential employers and request them to meet them on an exploratory basis. This would entail that the job seekers try and create a positive impression on the employer which helps them in being remembered and called the next time they have an interview. One more thing which you mustn’t forget before interview it’s your cover letter, you can turn to cover letter writing services online and get great cover letter.

It’s important to know how to prepare for an exploratory interview. As the interview is entirely under the applicant’s initiative , the applicant will need to ask a wide range of questions about the company and the types of positions available always keeping in mind to be thankful  to the person he is meeting as he/ she had agreed to meet even though there were no current opportunities. Hence the onus of keeping the interview going is also the applicant’s.

Typical exploratory job interview questions:

Would be a variety of questions pertaining to the company in the process of which one has to give out a lot of positive information. This helps to create a lasting impression. Your best efforts may sometimes leave the other person impatient and it is best to wind up the interview then and leave the latest resume behind.

Tips for exploratory job interviews:

If you want to have the exploratory job interview last longer with an edgy person , ask questions pertaining to that person . This in most cases helps as people love to talk about themselves. The questions may range from how they got started to how they got hired in the company. The impression that you will leave is bound to be lasting and positive.


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