Here is a small list of businesses in Ireland that you can support online through this pandemic

Covid-19 outbreak has been ineffably tough on everyone. It has hampered everyday life and has paved the way for an avalanche of troubles and inconveniences. The outbreak has specifically hampered business in the world over, especially the small, local family businesses, even in Ireland. In such dire circumstances, it is imperative that we, as customers support these businesses. Here is a list of small, yet successful businesses based in Ireland. Despite the raging success in the past, these businesses are, without a doubt, having a tough time during this pandemic. They are counting on their valuable customers to extract them out of the situation. Here is a small list of businesses in Ireland that you can support online through this pandemic. You can conveniently avail all their services online-

Books Upstairs

  • Book Upstairs, on Dublin’s D’Olier Street, is the perfect piece of paradise for all the bibliophiles in Dublin.
  • Book Upstairs also doubles up as a cosy cafe. What better way to soothe your soul than to read a fine work of art with a nice, hot cup of coffee to give you company?
  • Book Upstairs also offers a unique service wherein you submit information based on your reading tastes and preferences.
  • The staff will then send a parcel containing three surprise books based on the information you provided. How cool is that!

Bean An Tees

  • Bean An Tees is an online shop that offers a wide range of bags, tops, jumpers and other apparels engraved with beautiful hand-embroidered slogans.
  • The online Tee business is spearheaded by the young duo Lana and Ciara.
  • In their own words, Bean An Teen is “centred around female positivity, diversity and feminism, we want everyone to feel in our clothes with sizes running from XXS to XXXL with a unisex fit”.
  • In a world dictated by unrealistic beauty standards, it is rare to come across an inclusive clothing brand.
  • The brand also voices out against issues such as rape and lends its support to LGBTQ+ and pro-choice organisations, including others.
  • Bean An Tees definitely deserves all our applause and support for being such an all-inclusive and socially conscious brand.
  • Supporting brands like Bean An Tees would mean that you are also indirectly supporting independent Irish businesses and causes that make our society a better one.


  • Based in North Dublin, Cle curates unique and vivacious handmade earrings with clay and sterling silver.
  • The designs are chic, unique, and charming with equally charming and witty names like ‘Junior Infants’, ‘Spice Bag’. Etc.
  • Each piece has its own unique identity and persona.

Hazel Mountain, Co. Clar

  • Established in 2014, Hazel Mountain, Co. Clair is an organic cafe.
  • John Connolly runs the business along with his fiance Kasha with the help of a small yet dedicated team.
  • Kasha even has her own gluten-free cookbook by the name ‘Burren Wild Baker’.
  • The cafe produces a range of delicious gluten-free cakes.
  • The cafe is perfect for health-conscious people, and its healthy and delicious gluten-free cakes prove that being health-conscious doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice being a foodie.

HouseMyDog, Dublin

  • The statement ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ still holds water and continues to be relevant even in today’s already advanced world.
  • It was a necessity, crippling inconvenience and helplessness that motivated brothers James and Timothy McElroy to start HouseMyDog in Dublin.
  • It all began with the struggle to find John and Timothy’s dog, a dog sitter. Many other dog owners could perfectly relate to the problem.
  • The dilemma occasioned the idea of starting a website that would enable dog owners to find vetted dog sitters and walkers.
  • House My Dog is one of the most widely popular and successful start-ups in Ireland.
  • House My Dog has also set up its offices in London and Berlin.
  • If you love your dogs and have a headache every time you are compelled to leave them alone on unavoidable circumstances, then you know who to ring up.

Wexford Home Preserves

  • Wexford Home Preserves is an Irish local family business that dates back to 1988.
  • Wexford Home Preserves serves the best preserves bottled from the best and freshly plucked fruits.
  • The business has been handed down from Ellen and Sean to their nephew Tom Sinnott and his wife, Laura.
  • Tom and Laura had bought the Wexford Home Preserves from Ellen and Sean in the year 2008.
  • The family business strives for sustainability and aims to aid local farmers associated with the business to gain maximum possible benefit.

The Sandymount Hotel, Dublin

  • Initially known by the name The Mount Herbert Hotel, The Sandymount Hotel in Dublin first opened back in the year 1955.
  • The Sandymount Hotel kick-started as a small B&B.
  • And since its inception, the Sandymount Hotel has been ranked amongst one of the leading green hotels in Europe.

Appleby Jewellers, Dublin

  • John and Margaret Appelby started this flourishing family jewellery business in their family home back in the 1950s.
  • The legacy started with designing and curating hand-crafted jewellery exclusively for a select number of customers.
  • Ten years after they first started the business, they took their business from their family home to open their own showroom in Dublin.
  • The business now has the backing of even their third-generation of the Appleby family members.

Palm Free Irish Soap

  • Soaps are indeed the need of the hour in a pandemic-ridden world.
  • We have never washed our hands so vigorously. Thanks to the current situation, we will have to keep up with the requirement for a long time to come.
  • Frequently washing our hands has the potential to render our skin dry and dehydrated. Hence, we must use products without harsh chemicals in them.
  • Thankfully, Palm Free Irish Soap is here to your rescue. Based on the shores of Lough Derg in Killaloe.
  • Palm Irish Soap produces soaps that are incredibly mild on the skin with the added benefits of being cruelty-free and infused with natural ingredients.
  • The soaps from Palm Irish produce zero waste. It’s no surprise why this eco-friendly won The Green Small Manufacturer Award this year.
  • Supporting such a brand will not only be a boon for small independent businesses but will also prove to be a boon for the environment.

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