Guide to startup a fully functional on-demand taxi app

In this fast-moving world of honking cars and jammed signals, safer and easier travel is the need of the hour. You don’t need an Audi to travel in one. The device is in your pocket, as mobile phones can help you enjoy all the delicacies of the modern world. Apps in your mobile phones have become a one-stop solution to all your questions.

Say, you are rushing for a meeting, and you don’t have a car at hand, what will be your immediate reaction? You take out the elixir of life in recent times and open the uber app to book a taxi. You have a safe and sound ride. So what does it take to build a new clone app like Uber? Are you really interested in building the next big thing in the modern era? Here are some tips to build a fully functional taxi booking app.

If your app has to be an established entity and be an integral part of the lives of the customers, then you must certainly consider these points before developing the taxi app.

Creative Customer Engagement

In order to revolutionise an industry, you must be well acquainted with the nook and corner of the current industry. Any industry will have its fate written in the hands of its customers. Engaging with customers is one of the primary steps in building an app.The pros and cons of the current system, the customer reviews to a particular app, the feedback provided by the end-users are all to be taken into consideration. Interacting with customers as to how they hope an app should function can provide a clear insight into what type of product is expected in the market. The disadvantages of the current trending app have to be treated, and an additional facility apart from the current app features can pull customers towards a newer product.

Features of the App

Why should I replace a current product to an unfamiliar newer one? Am I actually getting benefited by using this new app? Is this app a reliable one? The answers to all these questions lie in the features of the app.

So, what are the features expected out of a taxi booking app?

Rider Requirements

The rider expects the app to be user-friendly and without any bugs. Even ads in the app can also annoy the user while using the app. In a taxi booking app, the features are usually as follows,

Registration: The rider must be able to register or log in via different social networking platforms and with his/her mobile number. The rider usually expects a simple registration process.

Booking a Cab: The rider can specify his pickup as well as drop destinations. The fare estimate is also expected immediately by the rider. The rider must have the freedom to choose among a diversified range of taxis available.

Payment: The rider must have the option of either paying online or through cash. While paying online, the rider must have the option to choose among various wallets, net banking, credit and debit cards, etc.

Tracking: The rider immediately receives the location of where one’s taxi is, how long does the taxi take to arrive at the desired pickup spot. Upon boarding, the rider must be able to share his/her location with any of their contacts.

Rating: The rider can share his/her opinion about the driver. He/she can also provide them with ratings for the betterment of the driver as well as the functioning of the app.

Driver Requirements

Just like the rider, the driver is also entitled to benefit from the app by providing the necessary needs for the rider assigned. For a driver, the essential features required are,

Vehicle registration and availability: The driver shall be required to register his/her vehicle before rides are assigned to him/her. Once the particular vehicle is registered, the availability of the driver in a particular locality should also be indicated in the app.

Ride Information: The riders are entitled to know the pickup and drop destination before accepting the particular ride. Once the ride has been accepted, the rider details are also shared with the driver immediately.

Rating: Just like the rider, the driver, too, has the freedom to share his/her opinions about the rider. He/she can also rate the rider of his/her own interest.

Additional Features

So what advantages does your app have over the existing one? What makes your app a worthy competitor in the market?

It is the additional features that decide the winning edge of your app over others.

Options of Vehicle selection

Some riders desire to ride in a particular vehicle. Not only do they desire to ride in a particular class of vehicles like sedans or SUVs, but also in a particular brand of the lot. For example, if the rider requires Grand i10, he/she should be informed about the availability of the requested vehicle by the server itself.

Chatbot to book taxi

For a new user, it shall be of great use when an assistant chatbot can book a taxi for him/her. By simply messaging the pickup and drop destinations and the type of vehicle that is required, the chatbot shall provide all the necessary information to the rider. This creates a user-friendly support system and increases the reliability of the user towards the app.

Final Note

So the main underlying concept in creating a new taxi booking app is that the new app should entitle all the features of the current app. In addition to all this, the new app must have the winning edge by providing some crucial features that the current apps failed to produce. Promoting the app is also mandatory as the users to the particular app grows only through promotions and reliable service options.

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