Getting Your Money Back in 4 Easy Steps With Global Refund Group

Have you lost money investing online in what you thought was a real opportunity but turned out to be a scam? You’re far from the only one. These kinds of scams are all over the place online, and phony investments have been a major type of fraud since long before we had computers. Because these scams are so widespread, some companies have been able to become highly effective in dealing with them.

We’re going to look into one of these companies, Global Refund Group, to get a better understanding of how exactly they manage to get your money back from online investment scammers.

Understanding Why It Takes Professional Help to Get Your Money Back

When online scam victims first find out about companies like Global Refund Group, they often ask, “Why should I need their help to get my money back?” They think that they should be able to resolve this on their own. After all, they are in the right. However, the typical methods that people use to right wrongs don’t work so well with online investment scams.

There are three main reasons why you won’t get far trying to solve this on your own:

·        You don’t know where the scammers are. The people who took your money did so anonymously. If their website had any contact information, it wasn’t actually real. You won’t be able to track down the scammers to deal with the issue through the regular legal channels that you would use if you were scammed by a local business or individual.

·        The scammers are in a foreign jurisdiction. If you do find out where the scammers are, you’ll soon realize they’re in another country. This makes dealing with the case almost impossible through regular means. Any kind of international fraud case could take years to resolve, and only see any kind of success when entire companies are being defrauded.

·        You don’t know the system. Companies like Global Refund Group understand how the system works and can use it to their advantage. Without inside banking and payment processor knowledge, you won’t be able to successfully get your money back through those channels.

Global Refund Group is able to overcome these challenges thanks to its unique industry insight and a team of experienced professionals. We’ve looked into how Global Refund Group operates and have determined that they can:

·        Locate your scammers. Global Refund Group has cybersecurity experts who can determine where your scammers actually are. This serves as an important step in working out how to best approach each individual chargeback case.

·        Deal with foreign jurisdictions. The legal experts at Global Refund Group have the insight into international financial law necessary to approach the situation correctly. They can ensure that the right people find out about the scams to hopefully prevent them from continuing to scam more victims into the future.

·        Get your money back. Global Refund Group employs experts with real banking and payment processor experience, so they have the industry understanding they need to get more successful chargebacks for more people. They can ensure that your chargeback is filed correctly to get your money back into your account as quickly as possible.

The advantages that Global Refund Group has over other chargeback companies have led to a success rate of 97%. That’s truly amazing for any chargeback company. New online investment scam victims rely on Global Refund Group every day to get their money back, and they do so with a simple four-step system.

1.     Your Initial Consultation

To get started with Global Refund Group, you first have to reach out to them, either through phone or through the contact form they have on their website. They provide free initial consultations with no obligation, so you can get to know them before committing.

During the initial consultation, you can let them know more about what happened. What website did you lose your money on? How much did you lose? How did you send the money? These are all key details that will let Global Refund Group determine if they’ll be able to help you or not.

2.     Getting More Information

If the team at Global Refund Group does believe that they can get your money back, they’ll move forward on your case. At this point, they’ll have to get some more information about what happened. Because they understand the system, they know exactly what to look for.

You won’t find yourself having to hand over a huge number of documents, just what really matters to your case. Examples might include your conversations with the scammers or your bank statement, but every case is unique.

3.     Facing the Scammers

Global Refund Group will use their cybersecurity skills to find better contact information for the scammers than what they’ve provided through their website. Then, they can reach out to the scammers with one last demand to return your money willingly.

Sometimes this works right away, and the scammers just give your money back. However, the main purpose is so that Global Refund Group can show the bank or payment processor that the scammers have had every chance to simply return your money and have chosen not to.

4.     Completing the Chargeback

If the scammers aren’t ready to give your money back when confronted by Global Refund Group, then it’s time to push through the chargeback. Their team puts together your chargeback cases and files them with the bank or other payment processor that you made payments to the scammers with. From there, you just wait for your refund to arrive.

Global Refund Group – Right for You?

From what we’ve seen, we would say that Global Refund Group is a good choice for anyone who lost money to online investment scammers. They’ve already gotten over two million back for their customers and help more every day. If you’d like to find out more, you can simply call Global Refund Group for a free consultation today.


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