Curb Appeal – 6 Ways to Make Your Food Business More Appealing

When it comes to the food business, it takes more than tasty meals to get it going. Don’t be mistaken, the food you serve will have a great impact on your establishment, but great curb appeal will put you in the spotlight. Just like the menu, interior design and service matter, the way you present your exterior will catch the eye from passersby and social media. Try some of these 6 ways to make your food business more appealing and improve your curb appeal.

Show off your menu

To pick the interest of passersby, display your menu outside. Use the spot by the door to hang your menu or just the house specials if you lack space. This is something very common in the food business because it helps customers decide whether to stop by your food business.

If you are specialized in a particular type of food like gluten-free or vegan, then showing off your menu outside will get you the attention. People with dietary restrictions like to know what to expect and are always happy to visit eateries that pay attention to their preferences.

 Make announcements

Adaptable signs like chalkboards are ideal to inform your potential customers about something. This can be anything, from upcoming events to daily specials. Every day, you get to create a new message that will attract people’s attention and have them eat at your food business.

To interest them, use these adaptable signs to create unique wordings that can even become your trademark and part of your brand. So, write something catchy, puns, famous quotes or jokes that will have customers stop by your place for a moment and charm them to enter.

Create an insta-worthy exterior

Having a photogenic item is a great source of publicity since people will gladly take a picture in front of it and post it on social media. But to inspire these insta-worthy shots you need to invest in truly attention-grabbing features. For example, hire an artist to create a mural on the façade or make your sign pop among other eateries.

Neon signs and huge floral installations will also do the trick and help your eatery get lots of tags on Instagram. However, pay attention not to cross the line between kitsch and stylishness so choose one detail and work your way around it.

Invest in an outdoor dining

Outdoor dining is all about aesthetics and coziness. People like to have their meals in an enjoyable setting or wait to pick up their orders in a comfortable spot. The very least you can do is install retractable roofs and awnings to keep them sheltered – sun or rain. Even a few tables in front of the restaurant can make your food business more appealing when passersby see people having fun.

For example, a simple bench and cushions setting is perfect for an ice cream parlor where customers can relax and eat their cones in peace. If you own a coffee shop, consider adding some chairs and small tables to your exterior so customers can have a cozy breakfast.

Colors play a huge part

Just like with interior, you need to carefully choose colors for your outdoor elements like sign, façade, doors and even awnings. Colors inspire emotions and deciding on the right ones can be greatly beneficial for your food business by influencing the mood of your customers.

And so, dark green goes well with restaurants offering a relaxed ambiance, while yellow and red are often associated with casual eateries. If you do it right, purple and blue can make your food business more elegant and sophisticated, especially if combined with gold tones.

Include vegetation outside

Vegetation in front of your food business will make the exterior cheerier and create a positive association for your customers. Potted plants by the door will be a welcoming sign, while planters full of colorful flowers will make the ambiance more pleasant. But if you have space, plant a garden and dedicate to a full landscaping of your outdoor area.

Not only will a garden look pretty, but you can also plant fresh herbs and let fragrances spread through your restaurant. One of the currents trends is growing vegetables and always having fresh produce on the menu.

In a nutshell

Just like interior décor, the curb appeal of your food business is crucial to gain attention. To make it more appealing, you need to be able to satisfy customers’ need for aesthetics and quality. But it will be well worth it in the end since you will gain the necessary buzz for success.


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