Conveyor Rollers Types Depending on the Materials Used

For your conveyor rollers, you need to be precise about materials used. Choosing the right one will help in providing the efficient and strong device at the end. Only the promising and quality materials are chosen for the rollers around here. Some of the basic examples are plastic-type materials, stainless steel, rubber and even polypropylene. You get to pick the right materials as per the application of the rollers and the location where it is going to be used.

Used for extreme purposes:

The effective roller-based conveyors are widely used for covering wide purposes. This may be the reason to come across such conveyor roller to match any unique use or industrial sectors. With so many models available in the market these days, you can easily uncover the best one for your use. You can check out on the materials too before you get to the roller choice. Depending on the materials, the types of conveyor rollers are subject to change. So, remember to know more about the use of this roller and the material used for that before finalizing on the type.

Go for the basic types:

Whenever you are trying to get in touch with the types of conveyor roller used these days, you will come across so many options available in the market. Each conveyor is then subdivided into multiple categories as per the needs. Get to learn more about those options first.

  • Live roller conveyor: ¬†This is widely used in general transport business when the product accumulation is not quite needed. It is further used for packaging handling application and suitable for light to medium loads.
  • Zero pressure Conveyor: This is widely used in the distribution centers with various widths and lengths. The application over here includes product before packaging, sortation, shipping and knitting areas. This kind of conveyor-based roller is ideal for palletizing and picking areas.
  • Minimum pressure conveyor: This is another important type of conveyor rollers used for covering short accumulation sections, general product transportation services and perfect for medium to light loads like package handling.

Types based on materials:

Once you are through with the basic forms of rollers used under the conveyor belt, it is now time to check out on the other types, depending on the materials. Whether it is rubber or stainless steel, there are so many types of conveyor rollers that are waiting for you to choose.

  • Stainless steel: This is definitely one of the major materials used for manufacturing these rollers, especially for creating long-lasting results. This steel comes in grade 304, which is just the classic example of 18/8 stainless steel. Moreover, if you want, you can purchase the roller made out of grade 316 metals, as well.
  • Rubber: This material is not quite used for making the entire roller and it is used as a protective shield for the conveyor rollers made of other materials. You will come across rubber covers for the rollers with different thicknesses. You can line up the rollers with rubbers one from end to another and can be from as little as 2mm to 20mm.
  • Polypropylene or polypropylene: This is mostly defined to be a thermoplastic polymer, used for manufacturing various applications and one is associated with the name of conveyor rollers. However, when compared to stainless steel, this material is not that widespread. But, right now, manufacturers are coming across customized polypropylene rollers for that effective result now.

So, always remember to check out more on the materials used for manufacturing these rollers and then choose the one you like. This research might take some initial time, but it is all worth it.


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Written by DaisyAndrew