Checking Out Business Venture…

On Wednesday, I decided to check out a business lead at Aflac. I don’t know too much about the company. I am just aware of the mascot duck in the Aflac commercials. I found out that Aflac is an insurance company that gives accident victims financial benefits for suffering that they endured. But I realized that the job opportunities are only sales, which isn’t for me. So, I returned home at 3:15 pm, and I continued to work on retouching. I am busy all this week, attending to something on each day until Sunday, which is the first day of July. Time is flying by fast, probably because I am filling my days with different activities.

I decided to add my photograph that I took at a Nordstrom fashion show during the 90s. I think this show was for spring fashions because all three models are dressed in monochromatic white. And, I think these clothes and shoes are still in style in 2018.


What do you think?