Businesses and Internet Going Downhill

Friday, 10.19.18

I went to the gym at 10:30 am, and hung out in the sauna for a while. After the noon yoga class, I walked through the busy mall, and I suddenly noticed that Owl Fish boutique is closing down. I was surprised to notice the closing sale, and half the store was empty. It opened two years ago, when Wet Seal closed down, but Wet Seal was open since the 80s. I browsed through the store to check out what’s left, and I noticed some tank tops that I need for my gym bra because I like wearing the layered look. I only have one really old one that I wear with most of them. So, I bought 5 that were $2 each and a camera lens cup. This is really sad. This women’s fashion boutique has interesting feminine items and clothes, but I think it was expensive.These stores are closing, one by one, and some were barely opened, like Urban Home and some new restaurants. It is like the mall is slowly experiencing an economic collapse, although it gets very busy during lunch hour and dinnertime as well as weekends. And, they just remodeled this new mall that opened around 2000.

I returned home and turned on my computer. I went on IMVU for a while, mostly because Facebook was lagging badly and I couldn’t do anything on that site. By 5:30 pm, I decided to go to the walking meetup. There was a big traffic jam on my street. I am not sure why, unless it has to do with rush hour. But after a block, the traffic was light. 6 people showed up this evening. I returned home.

The mall is remodeled into a playground…


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