Appreciating English: 4 Apps to Improve Your English Communication Skills

We can define communication easily as a connection between individuals sharing information. It is vital at work, when you talk with other people, or in everyday life as a whole. However, some communication issues arise because others have poor English communication skills.

If you are a  novice seeking to improve your English skills, one of the most effective ways to improve them is through English apps. To help you get started, mentioned below are some of the many apps you can download to help you speak English fluently in no time.


If you have to learn English from level 1, then this app is a must-have for you. Duolingo utilizes interactive games to assist you in learning several different languages.

For novices, the app concentrates on helping you know about verbs, phrases, as well as sentences. Still, skilled users can also use the app to enhance their communication by performing vocabulary, writing, and speaking lessons.

You will have to select the language you need to learn along with your primary language to commence the process. Afterward, you can verify whether you wish to learn the language to improve your skills or learn from scratch.

Depending on the selection, Duolingo will have you undergo a basic test. This test prepared for you will find out your knowledge in the selected language, and the app will present learning material appropriately.

Duolingo is ad-supported, but you can opt for the premium version to remove the ads and allow you to download language courses offline. That said, you can still learn English for free for as long as the writing advertisements do not mind you.


Memrise is probably one of the ideal apps to learn the English language that helps to start your course with some English practices for beginners or if you want to enhance your skills. The design of their language learning system makes the process easy, fun, and engaging.

Their English course blends vocabulary, grammar, and phrases to improve your English conversation skills, which helps you to apply them in real-life situations immediately.

Memrise structures English lessons for novices to help you speak English swiftly and confidently. Their English program cuts the learning into brief sessions that you can finish every day, which enables you to find time for practice at home or work,

Hello English

This app covers all the features of language learning, which includes translation, vocabulary, spellings, grammar, reading, and speaking skills.

On the other hand, you should be capable enough to understand the fundamental English structure before you use the app because it can’t assist you in learning English from scratch.

When you launch the app for the first time, you will need to choose your native language to proceed. The Hello English app has at least 20 languages, and assure you pick the correct one as the app will operate in your primary language.

The app employes games to teach various English lessons, and you will earn coins that help you unlock more advanced lessons.


Busuu is another excellent English language app you can download today if you need to learn English from the start. Busuu combines Artificial Intelligence and human interaction to help you learn the language quicker.

Busuu helps you communicate with English speakers to develop your speaking skills. Also, you can give feedback to people studying English or get feedback from advanced English learners.

The design of Busuu’s English learning course helps you develop all the skills you require to sharpen your knowledge in the English language.

To Conclude

Although can’t be as effective as a structured English course, they can be significant in improving your skills gradually. So, if you are struggling with your English communication skills, then consider downloading these apps.


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