And Comes The Fourth Generation – part 50

Just  as Miriam House could have made money if it were properly organised and operated, so too the businesses bequeathed by the First Generation to their semi-useful sons, and worthless grandchildren.

Just  as managers of the businesses run by these people would be given no power, or ignored,  so too the Matron appointed to run Miriam House.

Having  no authority, required to crawl to a Board member to complain; the knee jerk was why demean one’s self?

The first Matron, one of their own, had stormed out. The Second, after her first humiliation, did nothing for over a decade until she was dismissed and replaced by Selma.

Selma might have exerted herself, but ceased to function a month after appointment.

As the Board Members never checked on Miriam House,  any more than they or their fathers checked on their businesses, they had no idea what was really happening.

The Board had no idea they paid a shell from January to April.

Of  course, most of the Board Members didn’t know that Miriam House was registered as a charity. If it were learned it was not, there would be legal implications.


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Written by jaylar

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