And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 48

The  situation at Miriam House was a snapshot of how people could emerge from the womb as millionaires and die as paupers.

A  snapshot of how businesses which were successful had been brought to bankruptcy by poor management, ignorance, and a need to exert power.

The plunge from millionaire to pauper took four generations.

When Selma, a member of the Third Generation, was born, her Grandfather,  Edward, was alive.

Edward  Rashford was the richest man in a city full of millionaires.

Edward had come from nothing, and had four sons.

The eldest, Eric, born in poverty, had to leave school at 14 to work.  The two middle brothers were able to attend and graduate High School at 18.

The Baby, David, born after the family had moved firmly into middle class and was on its way to upper class.   He had played at school, played in college, and cared nothing about the businesses save giving orders.

When Edward decided to retire and turn the business over to his four sons equally.  Eric who had worked all his life, got no more of a share than David, did nothing.

So Eric sold his shares and left his brothers to run the business.


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