Adwords In-depth Guide: Ultimate Ways To Improve Your Ad Quality Score

Since the last couple of years, marketing experts have seen a drastic change in marketing techniques, from large banner ads to small YouTube ads, they are always trying to increase website traffic and want it to get noticeable. That’s why full-page ads and banners ads are more effective over half-page ads.

These days, we spend most of the time using smartphones, and thus brands have started to target specific audiences through Google Ads to increase website traffic and boost sales. Marketers want to display their ads as big and impressive as possible so that they can attract more customers as compared to their competitors.

There are numerous benefits of having a high-quality score in Google Adwords. For that, first, we need to understand the meaning of quality score. Adword quality score means rating from Google to decide whether an ad is capable of being displayed on the sponsored page, if yes then at what position it will be shown and how much to charge. The more quality score of your ad more it brings potential customers with minimum costs.

So, let’s see how to improve the quality score of your ad and get better results.

# Research Keywords

Whether you are implementing an organic marketing strategy or paid marketing techniques, you need to use exact match keywords that describe your business in brief and allow you to rank higher in SERP. Make sure the keywords you are using helps you to achieve a high-quality score.Keywords are one of the most important factors that have a direct relation with your quality score. When a user searches any words into a search box, that keyword will decide whether your ad should be shown or not.Many online tools and extensions out there, you can figure out which keywords are more precise and relevant so that you can decide easily which keywords you should use that match with your product or service.Eliminate low-quality keywords since they are useless, and they will not add value to your advertising campaign. Instead of that, create perfect match ad groups and add keywords that increase the relevancy between the add and search query. Trying to use these keywords can be added to the headline; it will increase website traffic and quality score.

# Focus On Your landing Page

When you want to increase ad quality score, your goal should be to design the perfect landing page with relevant keywords and high-quality content. This helps you to increase the score, and Google will display your ad first then your competitors.If you are new to the industry, you can use online tools such as Unbounce to create attractive landing pages for multiple ad groups and keywords. On the other hand, if your landing page fails to impress the customers and does not match with your ad copy, it will drop your ad quality score and redirects you to the home page or a 404 page.Suppose, you are a recruiting firm, use the banner and graphics related to the HRMS software, it will make your landing page attractive and drive more traffic.In short, the primary purpose of your ad should be to meet the expectations of your customers. There are no one tips for all to answer this, but we can include:

  •  It would be good to use an existing webpage in your campaign if it perfectly matches with your ad.
  • Include a perfect match keyword that displays in header and subheader so that visitors feel they are at the right place.
  • Design your landing page with CTA buttons and optimize it before you start the ad.

# Do A/B Testing

A/B testing usually refers to split testing, it is the practice of experimenting two or more variants of the same ads to a different audience at the same time and then to compare which variants drive more traffic.

A/B testing is the ultimate marketing technique that works on everything. From developing applications to web pages to ad groups, it is a popular technique used by marketing experts.

One of the common mistakes people do in A/B testing is they believe versions A and B are similar up to some extent. But it is not, Version B should be completely different from version A, this is the necessity of the A/B testing process.

Make sure; Google Adword is driven by its quality score; a higher quality score leads to lower Cost-Per-Clicks(CPC), so you need to consider many points. It should be executed correctly because it will decide your overall score and ad performance.

# Try To Use Negative Keywords

When creating a Google Ad campaign, you need to consider negative keywords carefully. Do you know that using negative keywords in the ad is equally effective and improves the quality score? Now the question is what negative keywords are and how it works.

Negative keywords are a group of keywords that you include in your campaign that actually does not display your ad. This sounds quirky. Applying negative keywords can help you reduce costs as a result of an accidental click. After all, you don’t want your ad to display to anyone; it will kill your budget.

But choosing high-quality negative keywords will increase the quality score and help you gain potential buyers.

Let’s Wrap It Up

After highlighting the above points, here, we can conclude that there is no shortcut to achieve a 100% quality score for each keyword or ad campaign. But the ultimate ways outlined in this article may help you in the future to increase your ad quality score. When it comes to managing the Google Adword campaign is not an easy task, you should have some patience and try to invest maximum time and effort to get desired outcomes.From researching perfect match keywords to designing an attractive landing page, there are lots of other things you need to consider. Higher the quality score means more money in your pocket. Make sure the ultimate goal is to improve conversions.


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Written by Shy Lee

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