9 Things You Should Do For A Smooth Move To Dubai

Apart from the various architectural marvels, Dubai is an international business hub. regardless of whether you want to relocate here as an investor or to seek for greener pastures, it pays to be prepared. You have to put some things into consideration if you are to have a smooth move to Dubai. Below is a list of some things you can do.

Time your trip

Dubai has summer and winter seasons and you have to consider these when planning your trip. October to May is the best time for the perfect summer weather most of the time. December to February are winter months although it’s a bit unpredictable. If you have no problem with heat and humidity, plan your trip in June, July, August, or September. Therefore, ensure to plan your trip your during a period with weather that you are comfortable with.

Learn the dress code

Dubai is a liberal city with strict Islamic laws. The locals and people from other Gulf countries dress conservatively in traditional attire. You won’t have to dress like the locals but dressing appropriately shows great respect. Therefore, you are always expected to dress appropriately for the occasion. Transparent attires, micro skirts, and shorts draw remarks in public. You might be requested to dress appropriately in some locations.

Prepare your documents

You might be requested for your personal documents including birth certificate, marriage certificate, and academic documents. However, you need to have them attested to be accepted by the authorities in Dubai. You can always get a professional birth certificate attestation service from a reputable and experienced agency. Getting your birth certificate attested shows proof that it’s genuine for situations like applying for jobs.

Other documents you need to get attested include:

  • Education certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Commercial documents
  • Experience certificate

Culture awareness is important

It is important to acknowledge the cultural difference in Dubai. Here, you should always be polite to avoid causing embarrassment and offending others. Ladies don’t shake hands with men and only a smile or simple nod is enough. Avoid swearing in public to avoid spending 3 months in jail. Keep in mind that ignorance of the local culture and regulations is no defense.

Alcohol consumption

You can only get alcohol in a hotel or restaurant with a license. Avoid drinking in public to avoid drawing attention to yourself. Alcohol is a bit costly here but you can grab some cheaper wine, spirits, or beer at the airport duty-free shop. After taking alcohol from a licensed location, avoid drunk driving. There is zero tolerance to this vice in Dubai.

Know how to behave during Ramadan

This is a period for celebration all over the Muslim world. everyone has to mind their behavior throughout the period. During this period, it is inappropriate to eat or drink in public and some businesses open after 6 pm. However, you can join the Muslim brethren in specially prepared Ramadan tents for a sumptuous meal to break the fast.

Learn how to save on food

Frugal living is important when you are to live in Dubai for a long time. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about eating street food, which is cheap and tasty. You can always grab a bite in the various thali restaurants that serve cheap but delicious meals. Meat is a great choice here although there is an exciting vegetable culinary scene here. Alternatively, you can always find a nice hotel restaurant with a range of international cuisine including:

  • Thai
  • Italian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • German

Find affordable accommodation

The rent in Dubai varies depending on location. Rental contracts are renewable annually and most landlords need all rent to be paid up front. You are required to pay a security deposit for your accommodation although you can give out 2 or 4 postdated checks. Ensure to work with a broker or rental agency licensed by the Department of Economic Development. These brokers charge a commission of 5 percent of the rent you are paying.

Some of the popular areas where to live include:

  • Mirdif
  • Al Qusais
  • Dubai Marina
  • Old town Dubai
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Know how to wind down

You can’t live in Dubai without getting time to tour the place. This place has a lot of wonderful attractions that make it a major destination for travelers apart from being a global business hub. This city has a lot to do for everyone. There is wonderful shopping in the various malls including the Dubai Mall, the biggest in the world. the city is also filled with multiple architectural marvels to take your breath away.


Dubai is a wonderful location and living here is such an amazing experience. However, you have to acknowledge the ideas above to make your living here a breeze. You will have to use your personal document such as the birth certificate quite often. Ensure to have all documents attested by a professional agency to accepted by the authorities in Dubai.


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