7 Tools Every International Ecommerce Business Should Consider

When you have a small business, it is difficult to even imagine how to enter the markets of other countries with your goods or services. It seems that this requires huge teams and enormous funds. However, with the development of digital technology, small businesses have many opportunities to tell the world about themselves and find customers abroad. Learn about the most effective tools for entering international markets and thriving in them below.

Tendencies of Modern Ecommerce Business

The COVID-19 pandemic and the self-isolation regime have put businesses in a difficult position. The most trying thing happened to entrepreneurs, whose projects are completely offline. The key principle of a successful international business is to be where your customers are looking for you – on the Internet. There are seven (and, perhaps, more) reasons why any business should work and grow online.

  1. Consumers are increasingly spending time online due to the growth of information flows.
  2. Availability around the clock increases the speed of purchasing goods from you.
  3. A confident online presence enhances and strengthens the image of your company.
  4. The effectiveness of online marketing tools is growing rapidly.
  5. The quality of customer service is improving.
  6. Operating costs are optimized – overall costs are reduced, there is no need for a large team to implement online projects.
  7. For small and medium-sized businesses, the presence on the Internet is one of the best opportunities to become more visible and gain a foothold in the market.

Business process automation applications are becoming more common and help businesses run easier and more productively online. They offer a variety of useful functions and help to:

  • simplify daily operations;
  • systematize ideas;
  • manage costs, etc.

When digitalizing your commerce business and moving it online, or simply making your existing ecommerce company more prominent on a global market, you will need to consider localization. Is Accurate is a resource that will help you find the best translators online. Translating your website, product, marketing materials, etc. will make your offer accessible for a wider audience. 

International Ecommerce Business Tools

After analyzing the popularity of tools for international business, we found those that help international businesses to organize the work of their teams, logistics services, simplify job search, and bring other benefits.

  1. Google Workspace is a great solution for a well-coordinated remote team. Here you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and more. In addition, they all open on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, can be edited, allowing to work with files and add comments to text documents. The professional package includes 30 GB of online storage per user, with the ability to upgrade it to unlimited capacity.
  2. There is a SurveyMonkey application to effectively help meet customer needs. It allows you to create surveys and receive anonymous feedback from customers about your products, prices, site, etc. You can create simple or more complex surveys, SurveyMonkey has tips on the types of questions and how to formulate them. Survey results and reports can be viewed by different team members without providing login information.
  3. Abukai Expenses allows you to enter information into the program interface by taking photos of checks on a smartphone. It’s a great tool to make many processes in a company more seamless and quick.
  4. Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store files in the cloud and share them through synchronized folders. You can view and edit files with the OneDrive mobile app. As additional services for Windows users, backup settings and automatic photo upload are offered. For business, you can get a standalone version.
  5. HelloSign allows you to sign contracts or other agreements on the go. You no longer need to go back to the office to print and scan documents. View documents in HelloSign, sign PDFs in a bundle, and email them. This is a simple and easy contract solution that saves you time and nerves.
  6. If you sell and ship goods online, an e-commerce application that handles delivery will help you save time. The ShipStation cloud system is easy to use and allows you to process online orders, receive order notifications, print delivery labels, track deliveries, and more.
  7. Zen Money is convenient in that it allows you to synchronize bank card accounts. The application also recognizes SMS about transactions from your bank and puts the costs from the card into the required category. In addition to cost-benefit analysis, Zen Money offers budget planning and allows you to set a financial goal. You can make mandatory payments in the program, reminders of which come as notifications to your phone.

Productive International Business

The events of the last year have affected all areas of business. Lockdowns, operational difficulties, disruptions in international supply chains, and new challenges have all led to a number of changes in international business. If you have your own international business and a well-optimized website, then the better you automate tasks, working hours, and processes, the more efficient and productive your business will be.


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