6 Reasons To Get Digitally Printed T-Shirts

Screen-printing is the traditional t-shirt printing method. However, digital printing has made t-shirt printing a seamless process with better results. Using custom printed t-shirts is very beneficial to business owners in Nigeria. These allow enhancing team spirit and making wonderful gifts to customers to build brand loyalty. When considering getting custom t-shirts printed, here are reasons to opt for digitally printed t-shirts.

How does digital printing work?

Digital t-shirt printing involves the use of a direct-to-garment printer to place customer details on apparel. Unlike screen-printing where color is applied at a time with screens, digital printing applies all colors directly to the garment at once. The process works like regular printing by any regular printer. All colors are applied in a single pass from top to bottom for the t-shirt to come out with your information. A direct-to-garment printer uses lightweight water-based ink for absorbing easily into the garment fibers.

Benefits of digitally printed t-shirts

Better image quality

Custom printed t-shirts through digital printing have better quality compared to screen-printing. Digital printing applies details with a higher resolution leading to t-shirts with cleaner overall appearance. Since custom t-shirts are an extension of your brand, digitally printed t-shirts will not disappoint. The higher image quality of your printed t-shirts will be eye-catching to give you value for money.

Higher efficiency

When selecting the best t shirt printing companies in Nigeria for your job, opt for one offering digital t-shirt printing. Digital printing allows working on your order much faster than screen-printing. After preparing the artwork, all substrates end up with similar design without any flaws with faster turnaround time. Traditional screen-printing is labor intensive and working on your order is likely to take some time. This doesn’t work well when you need your printed t-shirts in a short while. Digital printing cuts down waiting time with faster results.

Easier to make design variations

Digital printing is less labor intensive, unlike screen-printing. This gives you the flexibility to produce custom printed t-shirts in small batches. You can create t-shirts with various designs completed in a single batch. There is no need to create multiple screens for the design. There is an opportunity to test a variety of design options with your custom printed t-shirts. This allows making t-shirts with different designs for the same event in a short time seamlessly.

With digital printing, it is possible to adjust the design more easily. This comes in handy when minor adjustments are required such as adding names on the t-shirt. It takes a few minutes to make necessary adjustments before sending the design to print. This possibility enhances the versatility and creativeness on your custom printed t-shirts.


Budget is an important consideration when printing t-shirts for your business or organization. Luckily, printing t-shirts digitally comes at a lower price tag compared to screen-printing. Digital printing is not labor-intensive, uses fewer materials, and minimized wastage of materials. All these lower the total cost of printing t-shirts digitally. Additionally, it is possible to print a minimum of 6 t-shirts through digital printing although screen-printing is usually expensive for small orders.

Better t-shirt customization

Digitally printed t-shirts bring out customization better compared to screen-printing. The direct-to-garment printer or sublimation process can include any details or image to your t-shirts. This allows printing custom t-shirts for special occasions easily. There is no time to prepare screens before actual printing on the t-shirt is done. You can just send a photo to the printing company and it is added to your t-shirt just as it is. This allows ending up with more realistic designs to make your custom apparel stand out.

Cleaner job

The process of digital t-shirt printing is clean with no messy situations. It requires inserting the apparel into a direct-to-garment printer and sending the image to print on. This goes on without any messy hands or anything that might compromise the quality of the finished product. Even sublimation printing is much cleaner compared to screen-printing. The image is printed before placing it on the substrate in the heat press for transfer to happen. In a short while, your t-shirts come out with a nice clean image.

However, screen-printing is labor intensive making it prone to human errors. During application, something wrong might happen to the screen leading to inaccurate printing. If this goes on without notice, all your t-shirts are likely to come out with the same mistake. Fortunately, digitally printed t-shirts make detecting mistakes easily before others are printed. Errors on the design are easily noticed on the computer screen before sending it to print.

Wrapping up

Regardless of whether you have a business or an organization, custom printed t-shirts are a great accessory. Apart from working as your uniform for your staff, these t-shirts spread the word about your brand and are a great promotional tool. Ensure to work with a printing company offering digital t-shirt printing services for the benefits highlighted above.


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