5 Ways to Find Amazon Deals

Amazon is a rabbit hole for shoppers. You can go in to find one item, but then you will see another and soon you will stray in the maze of products and discounts. All you need is a new bathrobe – but after only 10 minutes of searching you already check if there is enough room in the pantry for a new fondue aggregate.

1. Take a peek at Amazon Warehouse and Outlet

At Amazon Warehouse, you’ll find returned “slightly used” items. They are in working condition, but they no longer qualify as new.

The conditions range from “Refurbished”, “Like New”, “Very Good”, in descending order to “Acceptable”, and product information includes notes on what features or defects to expect in a particular element.

Here you will also find a real treasury in the world of electronics – video games, wide-screen TVs, Bluetooth devices and much more. A simple example of savings: the Panasonic Lumix FZ100 is a great 4Kvideo camera, the new one costs $ 500, and the exact same “slightly used” camera will cost you $ 460 at the Warehouse.

Of course, there are risks. On the one hand, the products are not in perfect condition; there is no guarantee on most electronic items. Amazon has an honest return policy, so sometimes you can get a warranty or protection plan with Square Trade, depending on the product.

2. Find Amazon Coupons

The word “coupon” immediately conjures up a picture: cutting out squares from newspapers laid out on the kitchen table. But with Amazon it’s a lot easier. You do not need to collect and lay out pieces of paper, as your grandmother did. Go to the Amazon coupon website, select the ones you want to use, and redeem them in one click.

You can also use the coupon subscription service to receive current discounts. Amazon will help you track coupons for products you regularly buy. This is especially convenient for household items such as diapers, toothpastes and tortilla chips.

3. Get discounts by mail and mailing lists

Amazon significantly simplifies the process of obtaining discounts. And with the number of holiday promotional offers that are waiting for you right now, we can say that it is a great time to check all kinds of discounts on relevance.

When you request a discount, enter your order number and email address, and the system will track all the information specifically for you. If you are concerned about whether the discount will work, you can instantly monitor its status.

4. Do not miss the price reduction

Many customers do not realize that Amazon prices fluctuate depending on supply and demand. Unlike a building materials store, there is no poster on the door that announces a major sale. And if you do not pay attention to this issue, a sudden drop in prices may pass you by.

The site CamelCamelCamel monitored constantly changing prices on Amazon. With a free account, you can set up notifications for your favorite items. At that moment, when the desired pair of shoes or toys becomes cheaper, you will find out about this and will be able to place an order.

5. View offers from different sellers

A new paperback book can cost $ 15 or more. But a variant of the same work “slightly used” it can be much cheaper – up to the point that you only pay for shipping if you find a suitable seller.

Amazon began as a bookstore, and continues to hold the palm on book offerings, especially if you’re considering alternative sellers. Lists of options can be very long, depending on the popularity of the book, and suppliers may include bookstores, individual collectors, and “friends” organizations that help fund local libraries.


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