5 Things You Can Do As a Chartered Accountant

Did you know that being a Chartered Accountant pays you back as you can do much more than just work for a CA firm or practice in your own CA business? Yes, being a Chartered Accountant helps you with enticing opportunities to work in various sectors.

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A Chartered Accountant can do much more – Have a look!

You can work in any industry 

Nowadays Chartered Accountants are no longer only found in financial companies! They could be seen even helping to run airlines, film production companies, clothing brands, sports teams and many more. Many industries just other than financial services need them to provide them with strategic business advice. It could be anything from launching a new product to a new company investment as well as availing expert advice to make day-to-day financial decisions.

You can travel around the work 

As more companies begin to work or trade globally, the demand for international qualifications is vital and is on the rise. Chartered Accountants are one of those professionals that can join an MNC easily which can give them chance to roam around the world.

You can become a forensic accountant 

Who are forensic accountants? Yes, you have guessed it right! They are the detectives of the finance world. They can help with the investigation of financial crime and are qualified to look ahead of numbers in the business reality of situations. You would be surprised to know that being a CA; you can also help fight frauds which are calculated to cost $40 billion and counting per year.

You could also work for the Government 

You should know that Government always needs some extraordinary business and financial minds to work in the public sector. You can make decisions to leave an immediate effect on society. A role of a CA in Government can also assist you to secure a board’s position; you can even head sections of public finance.

You could become a CEO 

Have you heard someone saying that Chartered Accountants are good enough to look only the finances and are not CEO material? Yes, that’s common to hear if you are a CA. However, you should know that CAs or Chief Financial Officer or CFOs always work closely with CEOs and they also have the real-time know-how of what will make a business click. Overall, they are expected to be visionary and strategic leaders. With so much workflow knowledge at their disposals, the next step that CAs take is become a CEO, leading globally spread businesses all around.

The Bottom Line

If you think that being a CA, you have the passion for working as one of the discussed positions; you can reposition your profile and take your career to a new level.

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  1. Societal value has little to do with being a financier — much of the moral comprehensions are displaced and fudging is second nature. Principles are paramount, and having a background in economic journalism you’ll find the demographic that deserves the fiscal ‘hardship advice’ isn’t given the tools to enrich their lives. The oxymoron is we provide freedom of information without the freedom.