4 Audience Targeting Tips for Your PPC Campaigns

What is PPC?

PPC is anabbreviation of Pay-Per-Click, It is a marketing way to get clicks through advertisement.

When your PPC campaign is well-designed and running smoothly, it will be economic. Because you are targeting only those people who are interested.

If you pay 2$ and in the result, you are generating 100$ plus spreading brand awareness, then using PPC is agood choice.

A well-managed and planned PPC campaign can be an excellent way to increase conversions rate. The targeted campaign can place your ad on top of the result page. But a poorly managed can be extremely costly for you. You do not invest a lot to get a lot. Here are 4 Tips to optimize and Target your PPC campaigns. Moreover, if you don’t have good website design then nothing is perfect for you in PPC.

1- Keyword Optimization

Never run PPC campaign without knowing or understanding the audience. Nothing can be more damaging than this. Choosing incorrect or irrelevant keywords is planning for those copies that you do not want to sale and it is just waste of money.

Avoid from broad matched keywords, Just focus on an exact match or a similar phrase. The most important part of online marketing is you should have a clear goal in mind.

While optimizing your website keywords, always keep one thing in mind that keyword density must not increase more than 3%. Keyword density checker tools are available to provide you information about your page content.

3- Relevant Ads

Keep targeted people in mind, while writing anad for them. Make sure your ads are attractive and raise the interest of the audience and convince them. Ads should be according to alanding page, do not mislead others. Write relevant ads and provide correct information.

4- Never ignore negative keywords

One of the most beneficiary and smart way is, never ignore negative keywords. AdWords allows you to optimize negative keywords and specify those which are not good for your campaign. Negative keywords are those that do not match with the campaign. It helps to save alot of money. For example, you are selling motorbike parts, but not actual motorbikes. When visitor search for motorbikes, add it will even show ads to that customer who wants to buy anew bike. So showing your ad here can be irrelevant for you.

4- Test and Copy

Making a perfect and effective ad copy is difficult unless you test different ads to see which is performing best.

Most PPC platforms allow to ad multiple ad copies and show them randomly. To do the test effectively, adjust campaign setting so ads will be served up randomly and you will find which ad copy is more suitable for you.

These are some important tips that you should keep in mind while setting up PPC campaign. A properly maintained campaign helps to grow your small business fastly.


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Written by Mosi Morin

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