2021 Edition: Best Payroll applications for small businesses

Employee wages, taxes, PTO are tiresome to calculate and handle manually. It takes a ridiculous time to file compliance management and payroll.

Even though it is the last thing to deal with, you can’t afford to make mistakes while handing over your employees’ paycheck. Regardless of the business scale, it is needless to spend on the payroll as it is prone to errors.

Around 1-8% errors occur while you manually manage the payroll, says the American Payroll association that in turn affects the company’s revenue.

To put a full stop to this problem, you can look for the best payroll app for management. However, with the hundreds of options available, you will find it overwhelming to choose the best among them.

This is why we have come up with the list of top 5 payroll applications that you can use from 2021. 

  • Gusto

Gusto is a front runner in Payroll management. With the inclusive design plus numerous features, Gusto sets the bar high with its services. 

It minimizes the complicated processes like payroll, benefits, and HR for start-up companies in a simplified form yet not losing the effectiveness. 

The critical feature of Gusto is its automated payroll management system through which users can set and schedule the payment. This miraculous feature cycles the process free from further human interaction, making it less prone to mistakes.

Interestingly, it supports paper wastage reduction as it delivers the check stubs via mail to the employees.

  • OnPay

Everyone prefers an affordable solution; it is hard to find one when it comes to payroll management. OnPay, the best payroll app, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, offers unlimited payroll runs for W-2 employees and 1099 monthly contract workers.

It requires an assessment test to qualify this condition yet an effective payroll system at a budget-friendly cost.

Additionally, it handles payroll taxes based on your state and federal norms, which includes withholding, tax filing, and tax payments.

OnPay also provides online access and employee on-boarding for your employees to get their own pay stubs and tax forms by entering their details. 

Even for new hires, it eases the process by offering a checklist to perform the filing and notifying you to report the government’s documentary details.

  • SurePayroll

SurePayroll is a robust & the best payroll app that saves your time with its tools & capabilities. It has predefined variables existing in the application database to streamline the payroll processes.

Even it creates employees’ visibility to review the payroll details such as benefits, paychecks, and leaves.

It provides third-party integration to handle payroll with absolute precision, even for tax calculations. Further, it takes tax deduction and compliance management automatically.

  • SquarePayroll

Quick, simple, and powerful is the motive of SquarePayroll. It provides a consistent payment method through its downloadable software called Square magstripe reader, permitting the payment through debit and credit cards.

Square Payroll naturally stores receipts and data with which it generates sales reports. If you are paying freelancers, then a $5 plan per person per month is ideal for you.

It gives you valuable insights into your operations, thus enabling you to make better decisions.

  • QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is an A-class And popular payroll application for small businesses. It understands the pain points of the customers and offers multiple payment modes and delivery options.

QuickBooks Online expedites the data collection process. It even comes with time tracking tools, real-time reporting, and certified payroll reporting. 

The real-time finance monitoring manages your sales expenditures and performance effectively.


You can manually handle several processes, but payroll management is something you should never compromise. So, choose an ideal payroll application for your business.  


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