10 Things to Know Before Designing Nail Polish Boxes

The beauty industry is the most advanced and innovative when it comes to groundbreaking products or their packaging. It never fails to impress us with exceptional products that enhance beauty. Cosmetics use is not as much stigmatized as it used to be in the older times, which has opened the new doors for the brands to come with anything from lipsticks to hair extensions to nail paints of various kinds.

The advancement in technology and awareness in the field has blessed us with improved and health-friendly products unlike the old times were people were not even shy of using lead as kohl to darken their eyes.

Well, the products that are consumed by the customers regularly face more challenges when it comes to packaging as there are a huge number of competitors in the market such as nail polish boxes. Applying cuticles is not something occasional but it is considered as a daily routine and hygiene as it gives a well-groomed and hygienic outlook to the personality. Applying nail paint is also followed strictly at different places like offices and other institutes to create a homogenous and well-composed look.

Well, if you are planning to launch your bomb nail brand or looking forward to altering your packaging for a new change, here are few things to consider while creating custom nail polish boxes, such as;

1. Who Is Your Audience?

You will never be able to create effective packaging not matter how much money, time or effort you spend on it, if you are not aware of whom your target audience is. It is the customer who consumes the product in the end and it is also them who judge and evaluate your product based on your packaging. So, give them what they want.

For instance, nail polish box designing must be more sparkle for teenagers whereas adults are more attracted to elegant and sophisticated packaging designs.

2. Presentation

Packaging and presentation are interlinked. It is not possible to separate them as a product is packed to present in a better way and presenting the product in an effective manner it is important to pack your product.

So, customization is the way to go. It offers companies the most effective and reasonable way to make their product boxes that offers the most unique display. Go for shapes like window cut-out boxes, magnetic closure, and sleeve packaging with a creative mockup design that will fit with your brand theme. It will instantly grab the attention of the customers rather than regular boring boxes.

3. Functionality

What if your product reaches to the customers damaged?

It does not only put a false impression on the customers but also costs too much to a brand to replace and send the product again. To save yourself from the hassle go for boxes that are protective as it is a paramount responsibility of a product box to keep the product away from every type of damage during shipping or water, moisture, and excess heat or cold.

Not only the product protection, but nail polish packaging must also be convenient when it comes to usage, storing, and organizing.

4. Branding is a Key

No business can survive in the market and beat the competition without some impressive branding of their business. It is because the world we live in is all about banded products because it creates a sense of trust among the customers and the brand.

The brand is not the product or business name but it includes the personality, reputation, name, services, the bonding of the company with the customers. Custom printed logos on boxes give an identity that customers can trust and believe in.

Choose colors, designs, patterns, and printing that represent the image of the brand in the market and among the customers rather than blindly putting everything on the box. Colors and logos help in better remembrance of the brand than the text.

5. Clarity is Must

More is not always good and it is not good at all when it comes to packaging. The thing that holds importance is the communication of the idea behind the product and the business in the most effective manner. Customers do not spend hours evaluating the product in the shop but they make their decision depending on the quality and information mentioned on the boxes regarding the product.

Be clear and precise yet brief with the information and imagery or other things that you put on the box. It must facilitate the customers in deciding on the color of the nail paint, type, and other details, etc.

6. Follow Trends

If customers follow the trend and go for the things that are rated high in current time, then the brands need to follow trends while creating their product boxes.

Sometimes it is the quality of the box that is highly appreciated and the other times it is the colors that are trendy. So, be up-to-date while thinking of what to put on the box.

7. Be Dynamic

One same design of the product, the shape of the container, colors on the boxes, and sizes will not remain as effective in grabbing the attention of the customers for a longer period. To increase the interest of the customers in your products it is important to keep playing with design elements on makeup boxes.

8. Be Authentic All The Way

Why would a consumer go for your product if it looks exactly like the one they are already using or if it does not have that special element that others do not have?

The world has changed now, customers know what they are buying and what could have and would have done, changed or improved when it comes to packaging. So, to save the embarrassment go for the design that speaks for you and no one else.

Be different with the fonts, or the colors, or the shapes that do not exist or used by most of the brands such as neck and shoulder cosmetic packaging is rare. Make the perfect use of it with custom laminations, foiling, embossing, spot UV or other details to create a distinctive image of the brand.

9. Do Not Overlook Sustainability

Not only have the designs of the boxes matters the most, but also the material that is used to make custom packing. Where non-ecofriendly packaging has caused a lot of damage to the environment, you can use sustainable material like cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard to contribute to the betterment of the environment.

10. Save and Save!

Customization will not cost you an arm and a leg if you are thinking about it right now. All the credit goes to wholesale. There are a lot of wholesale vendors that offer the cheapest customization of product boxes without compromising the quality.

Well, it is sure that following these few things you are not going to fail with your customized boxes. Just be creative and think out of the box as there are no limitations and restrictions when it comes to customization.


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Written by Jennifer Dalton

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