10 Secret Techniques to Improve E-Commerce Sales

‘Add to cart.’

Online shoppers are familiar with this three-word phrase. And know the delight that virtual shopping brings. But at times (actually many a times), the things added to the virtual cart don’t make it to the actually shopped items. Anyhow, talking about online stores, e-commerce businesses are booming these days. There was a time when people were reluctant to share their personal information like credit card number online. But now everyone seems to be rather comfortable with the concept of shopping while sitting in the comfort of your home. All it requires is a smartphone (or a laptop), a good speed Internet with a reasonably priced package, Xfinity Internet plans, for instance, and plenty of free time on hands.

Anyhow, one thing worth mentioning is the sea of online businesses that have started flooding the Internet. Under such scenario, the companies need to look for techniques to break through the clutter. Some of which are:

Social Media’s the King

When it comes to online business, make sure that you integrate your website with social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the most popular among people to place orders through. These two social media sites have an immense amount of members. Hence, making them the perfect candidates for your online business. According to researches, 85% of all the orders placed through a social media platform come from Facebook. Woah! This could actually give your business a good boost when it comes to sales.

Pay to Get Traffic

This might sound unethical. However, it is anything but unethical. In fact, paid traffic can be a very quick way to boost sales. A general misconception that surrounds this idea is that it is a rather expensive method to attract traffic on your e-commerce site. However, the newbies fail to understand that they do not need to dump huge amounts of money in ad campaigns in the beginning. Start with a minimal amount of $60, let’s say. Once the technique starts working for you, you keep investing more. It’s s hit and trial method where you experiment with your campaigns before you come up with an idea that works out for your company/brand.

Give ‘Em a Proof

People tend to buy more of products that other buyers recommend to them. A recommendation from a prior user/buyer adds more value to the product. Therefore, you could aim at doing one or more of the following to give the viewers a proof that your products are worth a try:

  • Add testimonials on the product page
  • Put the number of that product purchased to date on the site
  • Add review counts on your site
  • Tell the viewers that how many people added that particular product to their wishlist

Adding such details will encourage the viewers to purchase your products rather than just adding them to the cart and never making an actual purchase

Content is the Boss

People buy a product because it is a solution to a problem that they are facing. You need to convince them that your product offers the perfect solution. For that, you need to come up with good content in the form of blogs, videos or product guides. It should be convincing enough that the viewer ends up purchasing your product.

Product Descriptions

Learn to play with words!

Your product descriptions should be detailed and very specific at the same time. The viewers should get a clear picture of what your product is about after reading the description. It should not leave them confused. Remember that the viewers do not have a physical access to the product at the time of purchase. The only thing they rely on is a picture and a description of the product. Hence, make the descriptions strong and people-centric.

Keep SEO in Mind

You might hire a team of very talented web developers and might have a very attractive website. But it will be of no use if the website is not SEO friendly. If the SEO does not pick up the text on your site, it won’t be ranked well and you would lose out on potential customers.

Slow Load Time? No No

Slow load times on a website are the deal breaker. Viewers do not have enough patience to wait for minutes for a site to load. You must realize that there are a lot of other things that people have to cater to, waiting for a page to load would certainly not please them. Hence, make sure that your website does not have a slow load time by doing the following:

  • Reduce file size
  • Be careful about any external plug-ins

Your website should not take more than 3 seconds to load.

Everyone Loves Discounts

One way of attracting people and increasing the number of lifetime customers is to introduce huge discounts on products every now and then. But be smart while doing so. The sale should bring in more revenue for your company and not the opposite.

Know Thy Target Audience

Promoting meat to Indians would do anything but increase your sales. So, it is crucial to selling your product to the right audience. And this involves knowing your potential market on a deeper level. Interact with them on social media or through polls. Keep an eye on how the trends are evolving and mold your offerings accordingly.


Your website should be compatible with PC, mobile and tablets. Majority of the people these days use their smartphones to shop online. If your website fails to open on mobile, get ready to lose out on a major chunk of customers.

The shift in trend has been due to the easy availability of reasonably priced smartphones and packages like Xfinity double play. People can now browse online or make a purchase while on the go.


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Written by Harry Miller

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