Working with Messy Henna…

Sunday, October 7, 2018

At 1 pm, I decided to put henna on my hair, and keep it on all day until I rinse it off at night before bedtime. I accidentally made it too runny, which is dripping and making a mess. I hope it still works. I have the gook covered in a plastic cap that came with the henna kit as well as an old towel wrapped around my head in a turban. I only used half of the henna in the box with one cup of hot water. I think I should have used 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water. with half of the henna. so that it would be more of a creamy consistency instead of runny and watery consistency.

This time, I tried the Burgundy shade henna for fun. It will probably be darker than the red shades I usually use.

I think this orangish-brown shade clothing looks like henna, but more of a light chestnut brown shade.

Now, I need to stay busy and try to ignore this runny mess until nighttime.


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